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Algonquin is divided into 7 Avenues, which extend from north - south across Algonquin. Almost all of them carry north/south bound traffic.
The Avenues are labelled alphabetically, from East to West. [[Albany Ave]] and [[Bismarck Ave]] are useful for travelling across the Eastern sides of Algonquin, whereas the [[Columbus Avenue]] is the busier, primary route through Algonquin's Eastern side. [[Denver Ave]] allows travel through the inner-eastern side of Algonquin whilst [[Exeter Ave]] provides travel through the inner-western side. [[Frankfort Avenue (road)|Frankfort Ave]] is the longest avenue in Algonquin, and provides the main primary route of travel through western Algonquin. Travelling through the outer west side is achieved using [[Galveston Ave]]. The smaller sub-major avenues, Denver-Exeter and Burlesque (Algonquin's equivalent of Manhattan's [[Broadway]]) comprise the [[Star Junction]] intersection. Both are the only avenues on the island to carry south-bound traffic only.
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