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Tommy Vercetti

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Tommy Vercetti shows many characteristics in common with Tony Montana, a drug lord from the film ''Scarface''. The two both end up in exile, both arive to the city in hawaiin shirts, both rise to power in Miami using great amounts of violence, both build an empire from a large estate and mansion, both have short tempers and are prone to violence, both work as contract killers, and both killed their collaborators and took their ex-bosses' empires. The interior of the [[Vercetti Estate]] is even modeled after Montana's mansion. There are, however, key differences, most notably that Tommy did not become addicted to his own narcotics and that Tommy survived the shoot out in his mansion, as opposed to Montana who was killed.
Tommy Vercetti also bears some resemblance to 'Mr. Blonde' from the film ''Reservoir Dogs'', played by [[Michael Madsen]] who also voiced [[Toni Cipriani]], another grand theft auto [[Protagonist|protagonist]]. The film sees 'Mr. Blonde' released from prison after loyally doing time for his crime family, as Tommy did after the "Harwood Incident". Tommy later performs contract killings for a 'Mr. Black', whilst he is referred to as 'Mr. Teal' (a reference to the then deceased [[Leo Teal]]).
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