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Shakedown (GTA VCS)

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|image=Vcs shakedownShakedown-GTAVCS.jpg|size=300px|caption=Two [[Cholos]] threatening the shop clerk at [[Mal Viento]]
|for=[[Marty Jay Williams]]
|size=|location=[[Little Havana]], [[Vice City in GTA III Era|Vice City]]|reward=[[Money|$]]500
|unlocks=[[Fear the Repo]]
|unlockedby=[[Cholo Victory]]
'''Shakedown''' is a mission in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]] given to [[Protagonist|protagonist]] [[Victor Vance]] by [[Marty Jay Williams]], leader of the [[Trailer Park Mafia]], from his trailer in [[Little Havana]], [[Vice City in GTA III Era|Vice City]].
The mission begins with Victor Vance looking for Marty Jay Williams at his trailer in Little Havana, although he only finds Marty's wife and daughter: [[Louise Cassidy-Williams]] and [[Mary-Beth Williams]]. Marty turns up and verbally abuses Louise, threatening both her and their daughter with violence. Victor manages to introduce himself and the pair leave to take care of business.
Victor drives Marty to a Mal Viento store in Little Havana and dispatches of the four [[Cholos|Cholo]] gang members at the store. Marty decides to put the stores protection rate up and then to take a Cholo protected store: Verdi. Victor and Marty persued pursued the store clerk to pay protection after destroying stock and killing four Cholo gang members. Marty congratulates Victor and says he may have more work for him.
'''Victor Vance''': Oh, oh okay... Well do you know when he's gonna be back?
'''Louise Cassidy-Williams''': I don't know nuthin'.  ''(Marty shows up in his Bobcat.)'' '''Louise Cassidy-Williams''': Excuse me.
'''Marty Jay Williams''': What do you want boy?
'''Victor Vance''': You're not coming?
'''Marty Jay Williams''': Why would I employ a dog then bark myself? Go siksick 'em pal.
(''Victor kills the two Cholo gang members outside and enters the building'').
'''Mal Viento Clerk''': Please... I can't afford to pay any more protection.
'''Cholo #1''': You don't pay - you don't stay. Fuck this place up.  '''Cholo #2''': Who the hell is this hero? (''After kiling one Cholo'')
'''Cholo #2or 1''': Who the hell is this heroYou're gonna be sorry!
(''After Victor kills the two Cholo gang members inside and ; Marty arrives'').
'''Marty Jay Williams''': You've done real good Vic.
(''Victor smashes up more of the stores stock'').
'''Cholo #23''': Fuck them up.
(''Victor kills the four Cholo gang members'').
The reward for passing the mission is [[Money|$]]500 and unlocking the mission [[Fear the Repo]] for Marty. ==Gallery==<gallery>File:Shakedown-GTAVCS2.jpg|[[Marty Jay Williams]] and [[Victor Vance]] talking to the shop clerk at [[Mal Viento]]</gallery> ==Video walkthrough==<center>{| class="wikitable"![[PlayStation 2|PS2]] Version - GTASeriesVideos|-!{{youtube|video1=O4jRonJuHvs}}|}</center>
==External Link==
* [ Shakedown mission on YouTube by GTAmissions - PlayStation 2 Version]
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