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Dwaine is a mechanic who can normally be found with his friend [[Jethro]]. In 1986 Dwaine, along with Jethro, reside in [[Vice City]] and hang out at the Boatyard and he appears during the purchase of the Boatyard, though unused audio file suggest he and Jethro also appeared in [[The Fastest Boat]] in the beta. When [[Tommy Vercetti]] buys the Boatyard it is presumed that Dwaine, along with Jethro, leave Vice City and head towards [[San Andreas]].
By 1992 at least 1989 (When CJ asks The Truth where he met them,Truth said:"Met them in the '89 Fierro Love In.") Dwaine and Jethro had made it to [[San Fierro]], a city in San Andreas, and had become friends with [[The Truth]] whom they bought drugs from. Before being recruited to work at Carl's garage,Dwaine had began running been runing a hot dog van when he is recruited by [[Carl Johnson]] to work at his garage as a mechanicbusiness
==Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mission Appearances==
* Wear Flowers In Your Hair
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