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The '''Spray Can''' is an item in ''[[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]]'' that has different uses. The weapon is introduced to you in the mission [[Tagging Up Turf]]

The Spray Can is used mainly for spraying over [[Tags|other gangs graffiti]], such as the [[Vagos]] and [[Ballas]].

It can also be used for killing someone by spraying onto a person. It chokes them until they are dead, but it isn't very useful for a lot of threats.

*In the upstairs bedroom of the [[Johnson House]] after completing the mission [[Tagging Up Turf]].
*On a Pawn Shop roof behind the Johnson house
*In [[Las Colinas]]
*In [[Las Venturas]]
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*The spray can makes a brief cameo in [[The Lost and Damned]], during the opening cutscene.

*In GTA San Andreas if the player sprays in front of a mirror, the spray will become invisible.
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