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The following is a script of the mission This Shit's Cursed in The Lost and Damned.


Jim: Billy, I just don't see how we have a choice man.

Billy: I have a choice - I 'm free. I'm not a slave. I have a choice. Jim, I love you man, but since you've hit middle age, you've really lost something...

Jim: Yeah and since you've been strung out on this shit you've lost something - your fucking mind.

Brian: Easy Jim, look who the fuck you're speaking to huh.

(Johnny walks in)

Billy: Hey.

Johnny: What's up?

Billy: I'm just trying to explain to our friend here - that possession is nine tenths of the law - we should make the slopes pay us back.

Terry: Billy, I've got Chad on the phone!

Johnny: Pay us back for what?

Billy: Look we have a business opportunity here Johnny. I think a guy like you should be pleased.

Johnny: Yeah but Jim says there's some problem.

Jim: There is - that H we stole - it belonged to the Chinese. The Deadbeats told them we got it and they want it back.

Johnny: So? Fuck 'em.

Billy: Finally!

Terry: Billy - Chad's on the phone about the meeting.

Jim: Look normally I'd be down for that, but these aren't the type of dudes you say "fuck 'em" to. They're some heavily armed, pissed off motherfuckers, who killed a couple of Angels when they found out their shit was gone. Now I'm thinking maybe we can strike up a deal with them.

Johnny: Okay.

Billy: Okay? Why don't you just suck 'em off while you're at it? And tell Chad I'm sober as can be over here.

Johnny: Look I just think that given this war we're back into with the Angels of Death, and given the fact that one or possibly two government agencies are looking into our shit, that offloading the heroin would be a good idea, alright!? And looking for a fight, is the wrong thing to do right now given the fact that we can't even stop fighting amongst ourselves!

Billy: Yeah, you're right we probably should all get into a circle, hold hands, pray, and sing Kum Ba Yah.

Brian: Kum Ba Yah!

Johnny: Yeah, whatever... This ain't no joking matter, Billy! We'll either end up dead in the ground, or back in the lockup with you!

Billy: I ain't going back there. I'd rather be dead.

Brian: Damn straight.

Johnny: Well you don't have to do either, man. I just think that getting rid of that stuff now is the right thing to do.

Billy: Okay.


(Billy, Brian, Johnny and Jim leave the clubhouse and head towards Chinatown)

Johnny: Cops are poking around, Bill. We should chill out.

Billy: You haven't been talking have you? Don't go forgetting what happened when Horse sang his little ditty.

Johnny: I'd never talk to a pig. But there's a lesson to be learned, alright.

Brian: Giving it up to the slopes. It don't feel right.

Johnny: Well, Billy says we're doing it. So get doing it.

Brian: I'm not the one with an authority problem, Johnny.

Jim: I'm surprised Billy agreed to this. It's the first smart move he's made since gettin' out of rehab.

Johnny: Yeah. Maybe he's starting to calm down.

Jim: Maybe he's stuck too much of that brown into his arm then.

Johnny: You ever had a girlfriend, Brian?

Brian: Not gonna waste my time with that crap. I got the brothers. All the hole I need at the house, man. Yeah!

Johnny: Too right, man. Guy like you shouldn't waste his time with all that shit. --- Johnny: How'd you find out that H belonged to the Triads?

Jim: They got word out all over town. Brought it into Liberty on a ship called the Platypus a few weeks back.

Johnny: Shit, Jim. You're just a font of information, aren't you?

Billy: Johnny, you're wasting away, man. I think it's all the worrying you do. Why don't you hit the weights later?

Johnny: You're not as big as those days when you hit the 'roids either, William.

Billy: My arms might not be but there's other parts that are a lot bigger now I'm off the drugs. Just ask Ashley.

Johnny: Okay, Bill, you think you're so tough. How about we light a fucking fire. Come on!


Johnny: Shit, Billy. You're the fucking man. How boy you beat us brothers in a race just to prove it.

(The group begins to race towards Chinatown. If Johnny wins)

Johnny: Well, Bill. I may have beat you, but you're still the fucking man in my book.


Johnny: It was a pleasure beating you gentlemen.

(If Johnny loses)

Johnny: Shit, good race, sir. Good race.


Johnny: You got lucky back there, man. Good race.

Billy: Alright. Jim, Johnny, since you two were both so vocal in your support of this deal. You two are going to be the ones to hand over the brown to the slopes.

Johnny: What? What are you and your boy here going to be doing?

Billy: We are going to watch your backs, because unlike this fat man here, I just don't trust those little yellow bastards. Good luck.

Brian: Hey, they don't need luck, we're looking out for them.

Johnny: This better be cool man.

(Johnny and Jim walk inside the building)

Jim: So Johnny this is uh, Mmm.. Okay.

Johnny: We gonna be cool and do this thing?

Triad: So let me get this straight. You are here to sell us back our heroin. The heroin my cousins sweated over in order to bring to this country only to have it stolen?

Johnny: Look man we can do business or go to war. It's your call.

Triad: In this country they seem to be the same thing, you stupid pieces of shit.

(The Triads open fire on the two but they flee)

Jim: Fuck you!

(The two begin fighting the Triads)

Johnny: Getting out ain't gonna be easy. Where's fuckin' Bill?


Johnny: Where the fuck's Billy?

Johnny: We're gonna have to fight our way outta here.

Jim: We had an arrangement.


Jim: You went back on your word.

Jim: You said we had a deal.

Jim: Fuck this.

Jim: Just take the shit.

(If Johnny moves too far away from Jim)

Jim: We still got shit to deal with here, Johnny.

Jim: Jonathon. We got work to do here.

Jim: Yo, Johnny! Where you going?

Jim: Get back here, man.

Jim: Don't leave a brother behind, John.

(The two advance through the Triads on the building)

Jim: Move it, brother.

Jim: Let's go. Let's go.

Jim: Let's get out of here.

Jim: Stay close, brother.

Jim: Come on, man. Let's go.

(The two watch from a scaffolding as cops arrive at the scene)

Billy: You set me up, Johnny. You set me up.

LCPD: Put your hands in the air. Now!

Billy: Fuck you, Johnny. You're dead!

LCPD: Shut your God damn mouth, shut your mouth!

Billy: You're dead!

LCPD: Shut up!

Johnny: Billy, man, what the fuck?


Johnny: This shit is fucked up.

Johnny: Dude. This is some bad shit.

(The LCPD arrest Billy and Johnny calls Brian)

Brian: Johnny Klebitz.

Johnny: Brian, man. Shit's fucked. Billy's been taken down. Where are you?

Brian: Bill, yeah, he's fucked now. Thanks to you. I'm around the corner.

Johnny: We're coming. Wait there.

Johnny: Dude, this feels weird. Let's get back to the bikes.


Johnny: Let's get back to the bikes.

Johnny: Man, let's just get back to the bikes.

(The two heads towards Brian and the bikes)

Jim: What was that all about?

Johnny: I dunno, man. Billy sounded pissed.

Jim: He's gonna have plenty of time to think about his anger on the inside.

Johnny: Well, why'd he bring me into it?

Jim: We got more important things to think about. Without Billy we got no leader. You're gonna have to take charge of the chapter, man.

Johnny: It's like being made Captain of a sinkin' ship. What am I gonna do?

Jim: You're gonna stick by your brothers. We got to pull together now.

Johnny: You're right about that.

Jim: Let's see what Brian's got to say for himself.

(Johnny and Jim meet with Brian)

Brian: Klebitz, man, what the fuck? What happened back there?

(The three head towards the clubhouse)

Brian: Why couldn't you save Billy?

Jim: What do you mean? Johnny and I were getting jumped. Why weren't you helping Billy?

Brian: I had to help myself, man. I mean, I can't be expected to... Billy doesn't have any beef, he's not trucking any bad shit with me.

Jim: Johnny, man. We got to have a meet for all the brothers when we get back. Tell 'em what happened.

Brian: Yeah. I'm real keen to tell the brothers what went down.

Johnny: Alright, Brian. I'd like to know what the fuck went down as well.

Johnny: Brian, man, what the fuck were you and Billy doing while those Triads jumped on me and Jim?

Brian: We were watching your back, man. Looking out for you brothers. Doing more than you did for Billy.

Jim: That's bullshit. If you were looking out for us, where were you when me and Johnny had to fight our way outta there?

Johnny: Important question, Brian. What happened there? Billy said these Triads were ready to deal.

Brian: You must have fucked shit up, Johnny. Billy never wanted to make nice in the first place.

Johnny: Fine, okay. I'm just hoping my brothers didn't send me into an ambush.

Jim: You're gonna have to take over the chapter presidency, Johnny. Only thing for it.

Brian: Not if I got anything to say on it. Not if Billy hears about this.

Jim: Save it for Church, Brian.

(The three arrive at the clubhouse)

Brian: Jesus. That was heavy, man. Fuck it.

Johnny: What was Billy's fucking problem?

Brian: Nothing wrong with him, buddy.

Johnny: You two want us to end up all dead?

Brian: Man, Billy was right about you. I knew you were a rat, now he's gone, man.

Johnny: He ain't gone, Brian, he's gone to prison. He's not dead.

Brian: You ratted him out! You ratted him out!

Johnny: No I didn't. He nearly got me fucking killed.

Brian: You set us up - you've always wanted to be the one - the man - you're a gimp, Johnny. A gimp and a fucking Judas.

Johnny: What the fuck are you talking about, you ass kissing little weasel?

(Jim pushes Brian and intervenes)

Jim: Hey Brian. Johnny's not like that, man.

Brian: Jim, you're wrong, man. I know you're a good guy - but this Jew prick. He fucked us over, man. He set us up and he called the cops. And you know why? Because they're putting heat on him. They saw him and they've been calling him... I know, because they did the same to me, and they told me you ratted us out.

Johnny: You keep talking like that - you are dead, my little friend.

Biker: Fuck you, man.

Johnny: What?

Billy: You sent Billy to jail. Show us your phone, prove you ain't been speaking to the law.

Johnny: I don't prove shit to you and I didn't talk to no one. Fuck it... c'mon!

Brian: You stay away from us, you hear?

(Johnny leaves then speaks with Jim)

Johnny: Okay, Jim. I guess I got to take over as Chapter President now. When people hear about Billy going down, there's gonna be more pressure on us than ever. We got to get through it. Brothers for life, man. Lost forever. I'll see you soon.

Alternate dialogue

Jim: Now I'm just confused.

Johnny: Me too.

Jim: Where the fuck were Billy and his little bitch during that shit storm?

Johnny: They sure as hell weren't covering us.

Jim: Fuck, man. Billy's gonna go away for good with those priors of his. You should take over as Chapter President, Johnny.

Johnny: After that shit Billy was saying, you think we'll still have a chapter?

Jim: Fuck 'em, man. The two of us are chapter enough and Terry 'n' Clay will back you up when you need it.

Johnny: Fuck me, man.

Jim: Now let's find out what Brian's got to say.