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This is my second Grand Theft Auto Fan Fiction.It covers the story of the 2 deleted GTA III characters Darkel and Curtly along with the deleted gang "The Liberty City Terrorist" and their goal to cause total chaos and anarchy all over Liberty City.


Darkel-Head of the Terrorist group who plans on sending away all organized gangs like the Leone Family or the Yakuza and establish a "no rule" zone in Liberty City with killing all the cops and politicians and form an Anarchy Government within the city.

Curtly-A captain of the Terrorists and a loyal servant of Curtly.He is a major manipulator and brainwashes all his soldiers into risking their lives against the "planners" who are "fucking" the city and the world with their plans.Real-life murder Charlie Manson was a major influence on this character to me.

Joey Leone-Don of the Leone Family who has used all his powers to kill Darkel and Curtly so he can move on with buisness.He is forced to team up with Johnny Zoo of Yakuza, from The Triads,and El Burro of The Diablos.


Coming soon...