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MF5AUD (153)

Roman: Come on, NB. I do get it. Liberty is a crazy place.

Niko: Cousin.

Roman: Enjoy her, Cousin. Later on.

Niko: I don't know, I just met someone in the street. It was weird.

Roman: I hear you were seen out on the town with a sexy young girl. Who is she?

Roman: I hope you took her back to the apartment and had your way with her, Niko. Did she have nice titties?

Niko: I'll try to. Later on.

Niko: It wasn't like that. You don't get it.

Roman: It's all sport, NB. Have some fun with her. Later on, cousin. I'm proud of you.

Roman: NB, you are certainly my cousin.

Roman: Niko, man. What's up?

Roman: No connections to your friends no chance of your girlfriend finding out.

Niko: Not much, cousin. I've gone on a date with this girl I met on Lovemeet.

Roman: Remember to make it clear that you are a red blooded animal though and you won't be tied down

Niko: Roman, you are right about Liberty City. It is a crazy place.

Niko: Roman, you'd never believe it but I met this girl on Craplist.

Niko: She's called Kiki, she's a lawyer.

Roman: some of them want to fuck you. It's mad cousin. Enjoy the ride.

Niko: Some trust-funder called Alex. I don't really like her but it's something to do, isn't it?

Roman: That is a useful profession considering your job, NB. Good work.

Niko: That won't be a problem, Roman. We're not serious. I'll talk to you soon.

Roman: The best place to find a woman, NB.

Roman: There are all types of people here. Most of them ignore you, some of them want to employ you, some of them want to kill you,

Roman: to a monogamous relationship.

Roman: What happened to you, Niko?

Roman: Who is the lucky lady?

Roman: You are a Bellic, remember, and you can't help playing the field. You don't want her getting jealous.

MF13AUD (130)

Niko: All I know is that Dimitri is your friend, I do not think he would betray you like this.

Faustin: As an alternative, leave me a message.

Little Jacob: Boy, he's done a lot of growing up, ya know. He's a wise dread now.

Michelle: Business? Isn't it owned by some Russian gangster?

Faustin: But if you did, Niko.

Little Jacob: Call me soon, Niko. I and I should link up sometime, seen?

Niko: Did she kick your ass, man?

Faustin: Dimitri is not rat like Vlad, but no one can be trusted. No one.

Faustin: Don't forget that. Me. Remember that.

Michelle: Don't let anyone bully you because you're an immigrant.

Niko: Freak coincidence Michelle. This is only explanation for it. Is a real tragedy.

Little Jacob: Gimme a call if you want hang with Jacob sometime, seen? One love.

Michelle: Goodbye, Niko. Look after yourself.

Faustin: He is just another shit from the Old Country, running around with his boys.

Faustin: He only tries to prove he is the man with biggest dick.

Faustin: He will mourn for a time and then move on, he has chosen this life for his family.

Michelle: Hey, Niko. Did you hear that Vlad has gone missing?

Niko: His son is dead.

Faustin: I am in charge, Niko. Not Dimitri.

Niko: I do not know if Roman is wise...

Niko: I do not take kindly to threats or false accusations.

Niko: I don't know who this guy was. I think he's government deal or something. They're making me work for them.

Niko: I have no involvement with your daughter.

Niko: I hear he was actually successful with ladies even though he was such a pig.

Niko: I never took you for the jealous type, Michelle. I was just there on business. Do not worry.

Niko: I see you at the wedding, Jacob.

Faustin: I think I make myself clear.

Little Jacob: I was thinking you might get turned off with us and just wanna hang with your cousin.

Niko: I will try.

Niko: I would not know. Just making a delivery.

Faustin: If you even think about her in that way while you jerking off, remind yourself of what I am saying.

Michelle: If you guys need anything, just ask. If you guys had got caught up with some bad people, you'd tell me right?

Faustin: Is Dimitri giving it to my wife, Ilyena?

Niko: It is, man. I'm real happy for them.

Niko: Jacob, Michelle was into some strange shit. I got called to an office in Algonquin.

Little Jacob: Let's hang out soon, seen? Hit me up. One love.

Michelle: Michelle is dead, she only existed to serve a certain purpose.

Faustin: My man is down in Vice fucking City. Shit, you fucking incompetent.

Little Jacob: Nah, man. Dere ain't nothing going on at the moment, ya know.

Little Jacob: Niko man, Badman tell I ya help him wit some Russian bumba clots.

Little Jacob: Niko me man, Roman and Mallorie a get married. Big tings!

Michelle: Niko, a friend of mine saw you coming out of Perestroika the other day.

Faustin: Niko, do not let Dimitri worry you about Kenny Petrovic.

Little Jacob: Niko, how's it going? Me hear ya be working for de Alderney boys, de Pegorinos.

Kate: Niko, I am so sorry to hear about those fires. Roman's two places burning down at once.

Michelle: Niko, I thought I'd call you one last time to apologize. I used you.

Faustin: Niko, you are my employee, you must answer my questions.

Little Jacob: Niko, you hear anything about dat gal Michelle? She put a lot of pressure pon ya me bredren?

Faustin: Niko... friend, listen you got any toot? I need some fucking powder.

Faustin: No, no, of course not. This was test.

Niko: Nobody will bully me, Michelle. Do not worry.

Michelle: Now that I've blown my cover, she has to die.

Niko: Okay, what's up man? You and Badman got some work for me?

Faustin: Please call when I can make myself available for all business or personal arrangements.

Little Jacob: Rhaatid. She be in dere wit a Babylon agent. A least dem don't send you back home, Niko.

Niko: Roman's my cousin, I get sick of him but I'm stuck with him.

Niko: See you soon Michelle, don't get so paranoid, yeah?

Little Jacob: Seen, me bredren. Roman's a good man as any man to be stuck with ya know, star.

Little Jacob: Seen, me bredren. Ya righteous. Badman ain't vexed as he usually is right now.

Little Jacob: Seen, Niko. De mafia dons are in Algonquin. Dem mascots over dere in Alderney.

Michelle: She doesn't exist anymore. The apartment has been cleared out, the phone is about to be cut off.

Faustin: She is too good for you. I will fucking castrate you.

Faustin: So you get rid of my daughter's biker boyfriend and now you think you can, how you say, ball her?

Niko: Sorry, my friend. I ain't got nothing.

Niko: Surely a man like you knows how to source some white?

Niko: Tell me about it. For now we should just worry about keeping out of prison. Speak to you soon, man.

Niko: Thanks, man. I just hope they don't try to get you into the same shit. Later on.

Niko: That's the impression I'm beginning to get.

Faustin: The only time he's calm is when he's taking his pills.

Michelle: The person you are speaking to is very different from her.

Faustin: The responsibility is on his shoulders. Do not listen to Dimitri's paranoia.

Niko: There seems to be a pattern emerging, doesn't there Michelle?

Michelle: Was it arson? Is Roman caught up with some gangsters or something?

Faustin: We have no worries about him.

Faustin: What fucking good are you if you don't got some shit for me?

Little Jacob: Ya need any help, me dere for ya.

Niko: Yeah, beggers can't be choosers, man.

Niko: Yeah, he's a friend of yours so I looked after him.

Niko: Yeah, is a real shame. Probably ran off with some woman.

Michelle: Yeah, maybe that is what happened. See you soon then.

Little Jacob: Yo, me tink she kicked every ass inna South Bohan, ya know star.

Little Jacob: Yo, Niko. How's tings?

Niko: You did, and now some guy in a suit is using me instead.

Michelle: You haven't been taking another girl there have you?

Faustin: You see anything, you will say.

MF3AUD (121)

Roman: After she spends tonight with me her sexual expectations will be so high that no other man will be able to fulfill them.

Roman: Alright NB, quick question. I'm playing blackjack.

Roman: Alright, alright, thanks for the lecture, cousin.

Roman: Ask me what I'm doing later. Come on, ask me.

Roman: Dammit, the ball landed on double zero. We were screwed either way. See you.

Niko: Does Mallorie have her urges too?

Roman: Don't crush my high, man. Of course I'll be careful. Cover for me, alright.

Niko: Don't lose any more money. Stick with your original bet.

Niko: Go for it.

Roman: I already feel sorry for her, and them.

Roman: I am ruining a beautiful woman for every other man on earth.

Roman: I could have won so much more. Speak to you later, NB.

Roman: I do, but a man has his urges.

Roman: I need some of your magic. The ball is in play. Should I bet black?

Roman: I think I'm enough of a man to satisfy her but she can do what she likes.

Roman: I'll call her in a few days.

Roman: I'll remember this when one of your girlfriends calls me, okay? Later on, cousin.

Niko: I'm not going to give you a lecture about Mallorie, Roman.

Roman: I'm playing roulette, cousin and I'm not doing too good.

Roman: I've got to go, Niko. See you soon.

Niko: Just be careful, some of those Bean Machine bitches give out blowjobs with the cappuccinos.

Niko: Maybe that will stop you fucking her around. If you love her like you say you do you should show her respect.

Roman: Maybe, I don't know.

Roman: NB. NB, you're a great cousin. Thank you for convincing Mallorie that I wasn't cheating.

Roman: Niko, you should have seen the woman who just hit on me - a neurotic goddess!

Niko: No, put your money on red, Roman.

Roman: She's a barista at the local Bean Machine.

Roman: Shit, fucking zero. The house edge. You have worse luck than me, Niko. Later.

Roman: Shit, I got a ten. That's twenty one in total.

Roman: Shit, I got a two. This isn't good, NB. I might be going to the pawn shop later. See you.

Niko: The restrooms in those places are cleaner than the baristas.

Roman: There's a lot of money on the line. Do I double down on eleven?

Niko: What about Mallorie, Roman. I thought you said you loved her?

Niko: What are you doing later?

Roman: What the fuck are you saying to Mallorie, NB? She fucking attacked me with some scissors.

Niko: Yes, I did, but I'm not happy about it, Roman. You should treat her with more respect than that.

Niko: Yes, put your money on black, Roman.

MF14AUD (120)

Niko: A place of my own, eh?

G. L. & Shyster: All our personnel are busy making this city a better place.

Patrick: Anyway, listen you want to hang out some time, go for some drinks, give us a call.

Patrick: Anyways, I weren't talking about me. When are you making an honest woman of my sister?

Patrick: Gerry said you did good by him - he's grateful. Says you're the first decent person I ever introduced him to.

Niko: Good idea. Let's hang out soon. I'll be in touch.

Gravelli: Good luck with that thing. Goodbye.

Niko: Good.

Gravelli: Goodbye then.

Patrick: Half my mates is dead and the other half is in AA so I'm kinda bored.

Niko: Hey.

Gravelli: I can't have my time wasted with calls like this.

Niko: I don't know. Did you get one of those cheap sluts you go home with pregnant?

Niko: I don't think I like it any better than you and your brother do. We gotta make a living though, don't we?

Patrick: I got a call from Ray saying Jimmy P wants to keep you close.

Patrick: I might come from a religious family, but I ain't gonna take some chick down the aisle 'cause she ain't looking after herself.

Niko: If they paid me enough and helped me find the man I'm after, I'd sleep in a basket at the end of Pegorino's bed.

G. L. & Shyster: If you have a complaint about a high ranking official, please leave your details after the tone.

Niko: I'll do my best

Gravelli: I'm an old man and I haven't got long left.

Gravelli: It's done is it, Niko? You're a fast worker.

Niko: Kate and I are just friends. That's all Packie.

Patrick: Niko man.

Patrick: Niko, my man, how's it going? How you like working for those guidos?

Gravelli: Niko, you've done it then. Great.

Niko: No, it's not done yet, Mr. Gravelli. I'm working on it.

Niko: No, Mr. Gravelli. Nothing important. I'll call you later.

Operator: Please leave a message

Operator: Please leave a message.

Operator: Please leave a message.

Niko: Roman's going to miss me, but it'll be useful. Thanks, Packie, later on.

Patrick: So when's the fucking wedding?

Gravelli: Speak to me again when it's done.

Patrick: Sure, Niko. Keep telling yourself that.

Niko: That's not why I'm calling, Mr. Gravelli.

Gravelli: That's unless you want to listen to an old man cough his lungs out.

Operator: The owner of this Badger cellphone is not available.

Operator: The owner of this Whiz wireless cellphone is not available.

Patrick: They're setting you up with a pad in Alderney.

Operator: This Badger cellphone is switched off.

Operator: This number has not been recognized, please re-dial and try again.

Operator: This number has not been recognized, please re-dial and try again.

Operator: This number has not been recognized, please re-dial and try again.

Operator: This Tinkle cellphone is switched off.

Operator: This Whiz wireless cellphone is switched off.

Gravelli: Well, call me back later then.

Gravelli: What is it, Niko? Something important?

Niko: What is it?

Patrick: Yeah, I think you're doing too good for 'em.

Patrick: Yes - you better stop embarrassing me - if I lose my reputation as the family fuck up, I'll never forgive you.

MF12AUD (102)

Kate: And you found this guy, did you?

Niko: Can't do what?

Niko: He was my family.

Niko: Hello, Kate. How are you?

Niko: Hey. What's up?

Kate: Hi Niko. You've been on my mind a lot recently. Are you okay?

Kate: I can't do this.

Kate: I don't know what to say... I know how much he meant to you.

Kate: I don't normally like the hoods who hang out with my brothers, but you seem different.

Kate: I don't want to know what you did to him. Just tell me how you feel.

Niko: I have been looking for a man for a long time.

Kate: I like you, I like you too much, but I know you. I know the life you lead.

Niko: I still feel empty though. The void is still there.

Niko: I thought that finding him would make me whole again.

Kate: I was just wondering if you wanted to do something sometime?

Kate: I'll send you an email. Goodbye.

Kate: I'm fucking awful if you must know.

Kate: I'm sorry about Roman. I'm sorry about the life you've led. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Niko: It is all I have thought about for a long time.

Kate: it means, I don't what it fucking means. I'm sorry.

Kate: It means, I love you, but I won't bring children into this world to be raised without a father...

Kate: It means... it means I'm going away.

Niko: Maybe I am different.

Kate: Niko, it's Kate.

Kate: Niko, it's me. I'm so sorry about Roman. I'm so sorry.

Niko: Please don't say that. Why?

Kate: See you, Niko.

Niko: Someone who betrayed me, caused a lot of my friends to die.

Niko: Sure, I'll be there in the next hour. I'll see you then, Kate.

Niko: Sure.

Niko: Thank you.

Niko: This is strange. Things have been weird recently.

Niko: What does that mean?

Kate: What's happened?

Kate: Yeah, I'll see you there, Niko.

MF4AUD (100)

Niko: Anything?

Roman: Call me if you want to hang out afterwards, cousin.

Niko: Chill out, Roman. There's nothing to worry about. I'm coming.

Niko: Do you want me to come pick you up?

Roman: Hey man, I heard you got a ride in one of my cabs.

Roman: I am talking serious money, Niko. This is not the sort of cash you carry around in your track pants.

Roman: I couldn't understand completely, something about Babylon. That guy is crazy.

Roman: I didn't think she'd be a cop.

Niko: I don't know, this and that. I've been hanging out with Little Jacob.

Roman: I don't want you running off to the other side of Liberty City and only calling me to ask for cabs.

Roman: I know you wouldn't, Niko. Let's hang out soon.

Niko: I wouldn't abuse our friendship like that, Roman. Don't worry.

Roman: I'm on a cold streak with the betting. I'll talk to you soon.

Roman: It's like a dating site only these girls are really up for it. You know? Later on, NB.

Roman: Like getting drunk or shooting pool. Later on, NB.

Roman: Maybe I have, I owe a lot of money, Niko.

Niko: Maybe you were right about him being fun to hang with but he's crazy.

Niko: Michelle is some kind of cop or informant or something, I don't know. What the fuck, man?

Roman: NB, Jacob told me some weird shit went down with Michelle.

Roman: Niko, I feel like when we are hanging out it always has to be about something.

Roman: Niko, I just found the best site ever. It's called and you can get anything on there.

Roman: Niko, my cousin. Tell me I was right.

Roman: Niko, Niko, I think I'm being followed. I swear it.

Roman: Niko, this is important. Do you know anyone who can lend me money?

Niko: No, I'm fucking crazy for trusting anyone.

Roman: Okay, alright. We should hang out more. Call me if you ever want to do anything fun.

Roman: Okay, that's cool. Later on, NB.

Roman: Right about Brucie. He's more than just a steroid fuelled maniac, he's a good guy.

Niko: Right about what?

Niko: Roman, have you been gambling? I will give you any money you need.

Roman: Shit, Niko, I'm sorry for putting the two of you together.

Niko: That makes two of us. Later on, Roman.

Niko: That's probably because you are always either working or being hassled by loansharks.

Brucie: The 'roid rage has screwed up his head so I think I'll just be hangin' with him. No more work.

Niko: This time is different because I haven't pissed anyone off.

Roman: Those other times I hid, I was right to be nervous, wasn't I?

Roman: Well, I've only checked women and you can get them on there.

Roman: Well, you know what they say, nothing in this country is free. I'm joking.

Roman: Whatever is mine is yours as long as you are hanging out with me.

Roman: Where are you, cousin? I'm waiting near Perestroika. Get here soon, okay?

Niko: Yeah, thank you for arranging that, Roman. Will I have to pay for the next one?

Roman: You know, we don't have enough fun together.

Roman: You two are friends now? This is great. I thought you'd get along.

Roman: You've been hanging out with him.

MF1AUD (98)

Elizabeta: Anyways, the can ain't so bad. I got a nice little cellmate.

Bernie: Being Deputy Mayor has to have some use, doesn't it?

Niko: Bernie - how are you?

Niko: Come on, Bernie. Don't be such a drama quee... a drama... a drama person.

Niko: Cryptic, Derrick. The suspense is killing me. Thanks.

Derrick: Don't mention it.

Elizabeta: Fucking prison payphones. Niko?

Elizabeta: Have fun on the outside, Niko! Look after your cousin and Mallorie.

Bernie: He can't worry about losing me as well.

Bernie: He got the jealous face. The green eyed monster, jealous face just took over.

Bernie: He says that this Dimitri guy blackmailing him is stressful enough.

Bernie: He told me he'd do everything he could to find Darko for us.

Derrick: Honest truth is, I've been dosed since that meeting in the park.

Niko: How?

Derrick: I don't know if you'd heard Niko, but Kim, the Korean kid we brought into the country, got taken down.

Bernie: I don't know. I think he's tried everything he could.

Bernie: I have to make things work with him. He's my life.

Bernie: I pinned my hopes on this guy, and he left me. Said I was an embarrassment.

Bernie: I think he is worried I'm too much of a skeleton in his closet if he chooses to run for mayor.

Elizabeta: If this is a business call then use the right fucking number. Adios.

Bernie: I'm a walking cliché, Niko. An embarrassment, to him and to everyone.

Bernie: I'm an old queen nobody loves anymore.

Niko: I'm here, Elizabeta. I was sorry to hear you got in trouble. I hope I wasn't something to do with it?

Niko: I'm sorry about that Bernie. You seemed so happy.

Bernie: I'm sorry, Niko.

Bernie: It was all a lie! I see that now. I've been an idiot all along.

Bernie: It was horrible. He says we can't see each other anymore.

Bernie: It's Bryce, he's broken my heart.

Bernie: It's Bryce, I told him about the car and he changed.

Niko: Must be hard, Derrick. But you didn't have a choice.

Bernie: Niko, I've got some good news. I told Bryce about everything.

Derrick: Niko, my boy, I left you something at your house. A token of me gratitude, should come in handy with your line of work.

Bernie: Niko, Niko, I'm sorry, I just needed to speak to a friend.

Bernie: Niko, Niko, this is terrible.

Elizabeta: Niko, Niko. You there? You there? Bet there are about a hundred cops listening to this shit and you can't even hear me.

Derrick: Nothing's gonna get rid of the truth, I may as well be wandering with a mark on me head. Later on, Niko.

Bernie: Oh I know. I'm just really heartbroken.

Niko: Really?

Bernie: Said he'd found religion.

Bernie: See you around. You're a great guy. I hope you find what you're looking for.

Elizabeta: She's in on a trafficking beef. We'll keep each other company for the next five years.

Derrick: Thanks for coming to the funeral, Niko. And for looking after me family. I was in no state to do nothing.

Niko: That's great news. Thank you, Bernie.

Elizabeta: This is Elizabeta's personal answer phone, please leave a message.

Elizabeta: too many assholes, that was my problem. I got what I deserved.

Niko: We are friends from the Old Country, nothing more. ~c~Can't he understand that?

Bernie: We got angry, we got sad, we yelled, we cried,

Bernie: we hugged, we laughed.

Bernie: We've broken up. I've been dumped. I'm finished.

Niko: What about finding Darko Brevic?

Niko: What's happened?

Derrick: Yeah, I guess every immigrant's story, ain't the fairytale yours is.

Niko: Yeah, mine's a real fairytale, Derrick. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Later on, man.

Patrick: Yeah.

Bernie: You, what happened, Florian, Darko - everything.

Elizabeta: You? Those bastards were after me long before you showed up. Too many parties, too much coke,

Niko: You'll be okay. Go get a face pack, and stay in touch. I've got to go, see you later.

MF10AUD (96)

Niko: Alright, discuss it.

Dimitri: Come on, I put you in a position to make a lot of money.

Dimitri: Don't call when you have nothing.

Dimitri: Goodbye.

Niko: Hey friend, there's no one's here right now.

Niko: How can you be too good?

Dimitri: I don't know, I'm just surprised you have not found more success with your... talents.

Dimitri: I hope to see you there.

Dimitri: I hope to see you there.

Dimitri: I'll be on the Firefly Island boardwalk all evening. I hope to see you there.

Dimitri: I'll be on the Firefly Island boardwalk from 8pm until 1am.

Niko: I'm kind of busy right now. Liberty City's an interesting place.

Dimitri: Is it done yet?

Dimitri: It was a gamble and it paid off.

Dimitri: Mr. Faustin does not care about how hard you are trying, he cares about this getting done.

Dimitri: Mr. Faustin, does not like to be bothered with trivialities. Goodbye.

Dimitri: Niko, I heard you got the money. This is great. Everything turned out perfectly.

Dimitri: Niko, it is Dimitri. We have something to discuss.

Dimitri: Niko, you are doing very well for us. You are good, almost too good.

Niko: No thanks to you, you piece of shit. You fucked me and Phil with that stunt.

Niko: No, I'm doing my best though.

Niko: Not everyone gets lucky.

Niko: Nothing yet.

Niko: Only if no news is good news.

Dimitri: Then why are you calling me? Goodbye, Niko.

Niko: They might want to make different decisions. Enjoy your life, I don't want nothing more to do with you.

Niko: This is Niko Bellic.

Dimitri: We need to talk in person.

Dimitri: We need to talk in person.

Dimitri: We need to talk in person. I'll be on the Firefly Island boardwalk from 5pm to 3am.

Dimitri: What have you got for Mr. Faustin?

Niko: Yeah, you should give people the heads up before you gamble with their lives.

Dimitri: You have good news?

Niko: You might want to check in jail or hospital. This city is full of crazy people.

Dimitri: You should have thought of that earlier.

Dimitri: You're right. You are lucky now though. This is a good partnership.

MF2AUD (84)

U. L. Paper: After all that trouble, you didn't even kill him. Remarkable.

Niko: Come on, Mallorie. Roman wouldn't do something like that to the love of his life.

Mallorie: Do you know where Vlad is?

Niko: For him, death would have been a release. For me, another stain I do not need.

Mallorie: Give him some of his own medicine - find out if he was serious about me.

Mallorie: He could be dead in the river for all I care. I just want to put that shit behind me -

Mallorie: He don't act like it. Piece of shit, when I get my hands on him I'm going to...

Mallorie: Hey, Niko. It's Mallorie. I've got a personal question for you.

Mallorie: Hey, you've reached the phone of the future Mrs. Bellic. Leave me or Roman a message and we'll get back to you.

Niko: I haven't seen him.

Niko: I looked at him and realized that revenge was not what I wanted after all.

Mallorie: I must be getting paranoid. Of course Roman wouldn't. Thanks Niko.

Mallorie: Listen, I'll level with you - I stupidly got involved with him to get back at Roman, for all his playing around.

U. L. Paper: Maybe you have learned something, Bellic. Goodbye and good luck. Try to live a good life.

Mallorie: Niko, tell me straight. Was Roman with another woman last night? I swear I'm going to cut his balls off.

Mallorie: Now these Russian putas keep calling me asking where he is, like I fucking know.

U.L. Paper: Now, you're useless to me. We need someone who wants something, someone with burning desires.

Mallorie: Puto, where are the scissors? Where are the fucking scissors?

Mallorie: Roman and I are getting on well now, and I don't want this shit to jeopardize anything. Thanks Niko.

U. L. Paper: So, you got your revenge. I hope it gave you the satisfaction you were looking for.

Niko: Sure.

Niko: What do you want, to make me do more "good things for your cause"?

U.L. Paper: You have nothing left. Goodbye and good luck.

Niko: You know Roman, he has these other women but you're the only one he loves.

MF7AUD (68)

Ray: Because of that I got Phil telling me that the Peg - Jimmy Pegorino - is pissed.

Ray: Dammit, Nicky. Cut the bullshit. You got 'em? Where are they?

Niko: Dwayne, it was her. She screwed you over while you were inside. She's dead now.

Niko: Dwayne, man. I bumped into your ex. The one that messed you around while you were in the joint.

Niko: Dwayne, she's no good for you. Forget about her. We'll hang out soon. Later on.

Ray: Getting too close to the skipper's wife.

Niko: Having man troubles. I helped her out.

Niko: Hey, Ray. I got some bad news for you. You weren't the only one who thought they owned those diamonds.

Niko: I bumped into her, man. I helped her out with a problem she was having.

Ray: I don't wanna see you get caught up in it, that's all. Just looking out for ya, pal.

Ray: I mean, you got a whole city full a potential lays and he's chasing the skipper's cooze.

Ray: I told you to take our half of the money, and I said let Johnny take the half and you hold onto the other half.

Ray: Nicky, I got a piece of advice for ya - stay away from Phil. He's causing himself some problems.

Dwayne: Niko, man. I was out today and I saw this bitch coming out a nail place. She looked just like my old girl, Cherise.

Dwayne: Oh yeah, how she be?

Dwayne: Shit, man. I coulda sworn it was her.

Ray: Shit. Come to Drusilla's. And get here sharp.

Dwayne: So, you ain't no item? It ain't like that, is it Niko?

Niko: Sorry, man. She's gone. Maybe things coulda been different in another life.

Ray: That fucking snake in the grass. When I'm done with that motherfucker...

Niko: That is not my business.

Dwayne: The one you said you killed with Jayvon outside the arcade. You sure that was her?

Dwayne: This Dwayne. Don't know why I'm doing this. Nobody leaving me messages. You all fake.

Niko: Turns out a serious Russian called Bulgarin claims ownership as well.

Niko: Who are you talking about?

Dwayne: Word.

Dwayne: You a good friend, Niko. She ask about me? You think she been thinking about this fool?

Dwayne: You all got love for a fool at the top and don't know a fool at the bottom. Out.

Ray: You got jumped by a white trash biker, Nicky.

MF8AUD (68)

Francis: Actually, I ain't heard nothing. I've seen him walking down Vauxite Street in the middle of the day.

Francis: Alright already. You want me to turn water into wine as well?

Niko: And the problem with having a dirty cop for a kid is that he'll kill his own brother if he gets in his way.

Francis: But I'll be more of a wreck if any one finds out about this.

Niko: Don't make me do something I'll regret.

Francis: Easy there, Niko. You think this has been easy for me? I ain't sleeping nights. I'm a wreck.

Niko: Francis, I got some of your colleagues on me. Get rid of them.

Niko: Francis, your fellow police officers are starting to irritate me.

Niko: Frankie boy, it's time for you to get me out of trouble.

Francis: Fuck, I shoulda just shot him in the line of duty.

Niko: Gerry, what's this about?

Gerald: Great. Look, Niko. I've always been responsible for my family. Now, one of my brothers is dead and I'm on the inside.

Niko: He said he'd get outta town. I thought that'd be enough for you.

Niko: Hey, Francis. I'm feeling the heat. Cool things down.

Niko: Hey, I don't like the sound of sirens. Tell your cop friends to stay away from me.

Niko: Hey, I'm playing this game of cops and robbers and it's getting boring. End it.

Francis: I guess that's the problem with having gangsters for kids.

Francis: I just heard that Clarence Jones - that no good, kid killing, drug dealer I paid you to whack - is still alive.

Gerald: I want you to look after 'em is all. Keep an eye on 'em. Make sure no harm comes to them. It's a fucked up world out there.

Niko: I'll do what I can, man.

Francis: I'll make some calls.

Francis: I'll pull some strings.

Francis: I'll see what I can do...

Gerald: In here too, for that matter.

Francis: Jesus. You're out of control. I'll do my best.

Francis: Keep your trap shut and I'll try to keep you outta the pen for a bit longer. See ya round.

Niko: Maybe at the next McReary family function. Whatever that might be.

Francis: Niko, a gunfight at my brothers funeral? My poor, poor Ma.

Gerald: Niko, it's Gerry.

Kate: She didn't need to say goodbye to Derrick with that going on.

Niko: Shit, Niko. You're gonna get me arrested. I'll try.

Francis: Sorry, you've gone past my jurisdiction. Don't mention my name if you get caught.

Gerald: They're gonna need some looking after. Especially young Patrick and Katie, my sis.

Operator: We apologize for the inconvenience but this number has been disconnected.

Francis: What, are you mental? You shouldn't even be calling me when you're this hot. I don't know you.

Niko: Yo, Frankie. The smell of bacon is starting to get on my nerves. Get these cops off my back.

Francis: You're a fucking Weazel, Niko. I trusted your word and you screwed me. Goodbye.

Francis: You're getting too much attention. I can't do nothing.

MF6AUD (54)

Playboy X: But, word is born, none of them bitches can bring back my man Dwayne.

Playboy X: Did it hurt? Tell me it didn't hurt him.

Manny: Drop a message after the beat. Peace.

Niko: I can't tell you what happens when it ends, friend. I can tell you that we'll all find out at some point though.

Playboy X: I met you with Liz in SoBo. We had some troubles with a UC called Charlie.

Playboy X: I own this city, player. I can look at anyone in this town and they gonna kill for me.

Playboy X: I'll show you what you can make of yourself when you start hustling.

Niko: Not really my thing, but I'll come if you're paying.

Playboy X: Now you talking. I got something for you, player. Come to my crib, you been there before.

Niko: Playboy?

Niko: Playboy? I thought you didn't want to talk to me no more. Too cold hearted?

Niko: Sure, you own this city, right?

Playboy X: There ain't no bringing back those you love, that the truth, money. No matter how powerful you are.

Playboy X: Yo money, whatup? This is Playboy.

Manny: Yo, streets need you, Niko. They'll pay.

Manny: Yo, streets. I need you to come over here and help me with some aggressive public relations.

Manny: Yo, this is streets. Streets need to sleep, streets need to eat so they don't answer the phone the whole time.

Playboy X: You popped him, man. He raised me, showed me everything a G need to see. Just tell me it didn't hurt him none.

Niko: You should have known that when you asked me to kill him. I'm hanging up now, Playboy. Goodbye.

MF9AUD (49)

Pegorino: A nice apartment in Alderney City, on Mahesh Avenue. Real classy.

Vlad: Ahh, the dumb yokel, I meant to call this girl I'm seeing.

Pegorino: And that means we're looking after your cousin too. That guy likes to gamble, don't he?

Niko: Dimitri and I had unfinished business so I went ahead and finished it.

Pegorino: Don't get cute, kid. It don't suit you. You're staying in Alderney now, just like me and Phil.

Pegorino: Don't worry about that cousin of yours, he won't be in no danger sleeping in your Algonquin pad by his self.

Pegorino: Forget about it. I'm gonna hold onto it for a while. Least I could do. Ciao.

Pegorino: Ha, sure, Niko. I'm giving you a gift.

Vlad: Hey baby, how about I take your beautiful ass out tonight? Maybe we can take one of your fat boyfriend's cabs...

Niko: Hey, let's keep this a business relationship.

Niko: Hey, sorry things didn't work out, goodbye.

Pegorino: How hard would it have been to suck up your pride to do one deal? Now, I got nothing left to lose.

Pegorino: I bought some of his debt for him. Now he don't have to worry about no loansharks coming after him, just me.

Pegorino: I guess I will. The horse is gone and I can't get Phil on the phone.

Pegorino: I had that deal set up. I needed this, it was my only way back in and you fucked me.

Niko: I never made any promises to you, Mr. Pegorino.

Niko: I'd prefer to be a paid employee than a relative.

Niko: I'm my own man and I follow my own instincts.

Niko: I'm not in the family, I'm your employee, Mr. Pegorino. You seem to get this stuff confused.

Niko: Money's not what motivates everyone, Mr. Pegorino. I had more important things to think about.

Pegorino: Niko, It's Jimmy. You're doing real well, kid. You're becoming part of the family.

Pegorino: Niko, what's up, listen. This family's falling a-fucking part.

Niko: Now, I'm out. I don't want to get involved in this shit no more. Good luck to you.

Pegorino: Salve. This is Jimmy Pegorino's phone. Leave a message.

Niko: That's something you're going to have to accept.

Niko: This is a gift, Jimmy, or a way for you to keep your eye on me?

Pegorino: We're lucky to have you in the family.

Pegorino: What'd'ya mean, Niko? We're family. We've welcomed you into the fold.

Niko: Who are you calling, Vlad?

Pegorino: Who knows what's happened to him. Think of all the money you coulda made.

Pegorino: Who'd a thought an immigrant from the wrong side of the Adriatic would be the most reliable soldier we got?

Niko: You don't need to do that for my cousin, Mr. Pegorino. I can handle all his debt. I'll cover it.

Pegorino: You smug fucking bastard, after all I done for you, you play me like this.

Pegorino: You're a snake. You've turned around and bit the hand that fed you.


188667121 ~z~Liz is a bad gal fo' real, ya know?

3186936874 ~z~Go home and get some sleep then meet me at the church for 10am.

4166487555 ~z~Good, NB. I'll talk to you later on.

2889203748 ~z~Her name is Carmen. I met her on Lovemeet.

3586279999 ~z~Come pick me up, I'm free now.

3745496470 ~z~Hello?

489531195 ~z~I know, I'm just really sorry.

3827711222 ~z~I'd love to, but I'm in the middle of something.

3530070395 ~z~I'd really love to Kate - but I'm in the middle of something crazy.

846529443 ~z~Niko, hi. It's Katie, Patrick's sister.

1557342080 ~z~I'll stop by, man. I'll see you there.

658417025 ~z~Niko, it's Packie.

1262636637 ~z~The owner of this Tinkle cellphone is not available.

1033961404 ~z~There ain't no one here right now. Please leave a message.

2551732218 ~z~NB, what's up?

550624362 ~z~Roman, why're you whispering? Are you hiding in a trash can again or the trunk of a car.

4248812080 ~z~She was always saying she wanted to meet a mysterious man from the East. I thought she was kinky,

3493268122 ~z~Liberty City Dump... I don't know. They got thrown into traffic.

3237437137 ~z~Nah, man. Don't worry about that. She's not my type. We'll hang out soon.

3793199377 ~z~Yo, I hear you been rolling with Cherise, Niko. You two tight now?

1394617618 ~z~Hey.

3823105326 ~z~Please hang up and try again.

2024470567 ~z~So long.