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Hi, Greg, and welcome to Grand Theft Wiki! Your contributions are greatly appreciated, and I hope you intend to stay! Please don't hesitate to let me or any of the other administrators know if you have any questions, concerns, problems, or just feel like chatting. We're here to help. In the meantime, happy editing!

Oh, and BTW, you don't have to bother changing minor U.S.-U.K. spelling variances (e.g. changing colour to color). You're going to find millions of them on this Wiki, considering that we receive contributions from around the world. We do strive for consistency here, but I think this may be one of those things that can't really be kept consistent, as people will tend to write in whatever colloquial form with which they are most familiar. However, if you feel this is an issue, please feel free to post on the consistency discussion page, where everyone can add their two cents'. :-) EganioTalk 21:15, 16 June 2008 (UTC)