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Re: Move from Wikia

Hi there! Thanks for your support. Which wiki are you wanting to move, and what's your username at Wikia? I'm very glad we moved, especially with the horrible pop-out unfolding adverts taking up half the page, and the annoying skin modifications that make the site almost impossible to use properly. Even though we get a lot less traffic than them, I'm still very glad to be separate.

In partnership with halopedia (which forked from Wikia), we are launching the Independent Gaming Wiki Network, which will become a network of gaming wikis, but where each is owned by themselves, can use their own domains, can decide what skins/extensions to use, and is free to leave at any time. If you run a wiki, we can help you move, although there may be either a hosting cost or a requirement for some adverts (nice ones, like on this site) to pay for the hosting. If you're comfortable hosting it yourself, then I can give you advice, but it can be quite technical. Let me know what you think. Gboyers 22:42, 12 June 2011 (BST)

Firstly, you would need to get support of the community for the wiki to be moved. If it was just a couple of users, then the "fork" would not be successful; and if the community wasn't behind it, I couldn't support it. If you make it sound like you want to copy the site or make your own or become an admin or anything, people will reject your proposal. If you simply suggest that it be moved, and give them lots of real reasons why, and show examples of other wikis that have done it, then I'm sure they'll understand and possibly agree to move. If you'd like some help with those proposals, I give you the various options that exist. If the staff are behind it, then we can all discuss the various options and work out a plan. Bear in mind that Wikia will NOT close the other site, they will keep the domain/URL, they will remove any links to the new site, they will ban any user that adds links to the new site, and they will compete against the moved site. As I founded GTW before it moved to wikia, we have a little more influence but still they are not playing fair. It won't be easy, but I think it's worth it. Gboyers 12:48, 13 June 2011 (BST)


That was just me been immature but I removed that once I realised how pathetic it actually seemed. Anyway, I apologize about the way I spoke to you earlier but that was frustration more than anything, there have been a lot of users doing what you did and Wikia don't allow it so it gets kind of annoying having to constantly remove it all. 19:35, 10 July 2011 (BST)

Re: What is..

That was a very annoying accident, I got 87 emails from it! Did you just keep hitting refresh or something?

There are benefits and drawbacks to each approach. If you run a site on Wikia or another "wiki farm", they do all the hard work of hosting, updates, security, backups etc. If you host the website yourself, you have none of those benefits. However, on a wiki farm you can't do everything you want, such as install modifications, heavily customise the skin or configure advanced settings. Also, with a wiki farm, the farm owners (such as Wikia) can do whatever they like - they can change settings, change the skin, add adverts, impose rules and even ban you from your own site. Specifically with Wikia, we found they were adding more and more adverts and making life harder for everyday users. The final thing is that hosting a site costs money - especially a wiki which has a lot of database activity, especially if it's popular.

Which wiki are you wanting to have hosted? Gboyers 16:53, 11 July 2011 (BST)

You need to have the support of (most of) the community and staff. If you just take a copy of the site and try to run it on your own as a competitor to the main site, you won't have a chance. This isn't about one staff member or one person being in charge or doing what they want; it's about the community having the best site for all/most of them to go to. If they don't want to move, then taking a copy is just going to hurt them and waste your own time.
If you want the site to move, don't just say you're "stating your humble opinion" - that will persuade nobody. Don't go in and just moan about problems, nobody will care. You have do the hard work and come up with a solution. If you go in and say "because of this, I think we should move. I have considered these options, and everyone's different point of view, but I recommend X because of XYZ" then people are much more likely to respect your suggestion and it'll be much more attractive for them. Just saying "ugh monaco is horrible, we should move" will inspire nobody.
Also, you should suggest that they join igwn: - this is an upcoming network of independent gaming wikis (including GTW and Halopedia), which will help solve many of the problems of moving away from Wikia. Gboyers 19:23, 12 July 2011 (BST)

We? I just gave you advice, I didn't agree to "lead" or run this site move (as you claimed on the Sims wiki). Also, it's clear the staff are not behind the fork or move, so I'm not going to go against that. Additionally, if you used a duplicate account to scam the vote, then that's completely disrespectful and you should not be made responsible for a wiki community. Moving a wiki is a very complex and technical process - it is not a simple "click here" follow-the-instructions type of project - it took us months to get it right. If you don't know how to use SQL commands or configure apache, I don't think it would be possible.

Since you clearly want to run a wiki a lot, I'd suggest you either work very hard on one and become a junior staff member, or start one of your own. Don't expect to become a bureaucrat on a big wiki after 2 days of editing, and don't expect a new wiki to become instantly popular. Don't try to take over, steal, copy or manipulate others' wikis for your own benefit. Gboyers 20:12, 13 July 2011 (BST)

Hi there

Hello, I was just browsing this wiki when I saw that you were planning to request a database dump from another wiki so you could make your own version of it. You do realise that you could potentially go to prison for directly copying another wiki, whether it be from Wikia or not? It's called plagarism and it can be a very serious offense. Noone can stop you from making a wiki, like The Sims as I have read, but you can get into trouble for copying one and you could be disconnected from the internet or even face a very long time in prison. Please read what Gboyers wrote above as it could potentially make things better for you. An Anonoymous IP address 19:39, 14 July 2011 (BST)

Just to clarify this, the user above is slightly wrong. You CAN copy the content of a wiki, or even (almost) an entire wiki, IF the copyright licence allows you to do so. All contributions to all Wikia and Wikimedia wikis allow you to do this - on the condition that you provide correct attribution. That means you have to show who made every contribution. It would be illegal for you to ignore the restrictions of the licence, or if you used the name/logo of the other wiki without permission. Plagiarism is not just 'copying' - you can copy almost anything so long as you reference where it came from - plagiarism means pretending that other people's work is your own. If you correctly copy the content of a wiki, within the restrictions of the licence, and provide correct attribution, then you're fine. If you copy a wiki, don't attribute properly, or pretend to BE that site, then bad things can happen. gboyers talk 04:51, 22 July 2011 (BST)