1412 Hotel

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1412 Hotel in GTA Vice City.

1412 Hotel is a luxury hotel in Downtown of Vice City. This appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, but of no importance, while in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories will be the starting point of some missions.

Role in the missions

Lance's room during the mission Snitch Hitch.

GTA Vice City Stories

Once Lance Vance comes to Vice City to rent a room here. From here you start to take the first mission of Lance Vance in Vice City Mainland. There will always be a Cheetah parked outside the hotel. In the mission The Audition, Victor comes to Lance's room and this will tell you about a "player" called Brian Forbes who has promised to help to make money. After the scene go to the King Knuts to contact Forbes.

Later in the mission Snitch Hitch, Vic and Lance hits that will quickly his mother and her boyfriend who then stay at that hotel. Finally in the mission From Zero to Hero, here is where Lance plans to steal drug Sergeant Jerry Martinez.


In the hotel parking lot, located behind this, are the following vehicles: