African Americans

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African Americans
Two members of the Firefly Projects Gang
Games: GTA IV
Locations: Firefly Projects, Broker, Liberty City
Type: African-American Street Gang
Colors: Black, red, blue
Vehicles: Black Tuned Patriot
Black Tuned Landstalker
Weapons: Knife
Baseball Bat
Fronts: Pay 'n' Spray in Hove Beach
Members: Jermaine Andrews

Firefly Projects Gang or M.O.B., is a gang that hangs around the Firefly Projects in Broker, Liberty City. The gang also has some interests in South Bohan and Hove Beach. One of their members, Jermaine Andrews, took a ride from Niko Bellic to take some stolen merchandise, but was ambushed by police. The gang has a Pay'n'Spray on Gibson Street in Broker and possibly makes money stealing cars and selling stolen parts. They also have a warehouse in South Bohan for drug trade and do some hijacks in this area.

Mission Appearances

Easy Fare - Niko gave a lift to Jermaine Andrews, one of the members. They escaped from police forces.
Escuela of the Streets - Manny Escuela asked Niko to destroy gang's warehouse and kill all drug dealers inside.