African Americans

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African Americans
Games: GTA IV
The Lost and Damned
The Ballad of Gay Tony
GTA Chinatown Wars
Locations: Firefly Projects
Leader: Unknown
Type: African American Street Gang
Enemies: Manny Escuela
Affiliations: Roman Bellic
Colors: Black
Vehicles: Patriot
Weapons: Knife
Baseball bat
Businesses: Drugs Trade
Vehicle Hijacking
Arms Trade
Fronts: Native Engines Rapair Shop
South Bohan Soda Warehouse
Members: Jermaine Andrews

African Americans are gangsters based in the Firefly Projects, North Holland and East Holland neighbourhoods of Liberty City and in the city of Acter, Alderney, whereas they operate in the South Bohan and Hove Beach neighbourhoods. In 2008, one of its members, Jermaine Andrews, took a ride from Niko Bellic to take some stolen merchandise, though they were ambushed by the LCPD. The gang owns a Pay 'n' Spray on Gibson Street in Hove Beach and possibly makes money stealing cars and selling stolen parts. They also have a warehouse in South Bohan for drug trade and do some hijacks in this area. The gang's most favourite radio stations are The Beat 102.7, The Classics 104.1 and The Vibe 98.8. The gang drive around in customised Patriots and Landstalkers.

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  • This gang may be called "M.O.B" (Money Over Bullshit/Bitches), as some of the gang members can be heard saying: Does the B stand for bullshit or bitches?