Al Di Napoli

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Al Di Napoli

Al Di Napoli is an Italian-American actor in Liberty City, who grew up in an affluent Jewish neighbourhood. He had connections to Oscar Gomez, due to the fact he was his dealer and during The Ballad of Gay Tony, Luis Fernando Lopez drives him to Vespucci University School of Law for a deal with Oscar. After evading a police ambush, Luis takes Al to the Amdram Theatre for a show he starred in called Leg-Less. A The Celebinator reading cop noticed Al as one of the suspects of the university drug bust, although Al had several hookers to try and backup his alibi, which he said he spent all night in his hotel room. Despite his backed up alibi, he was still considered a suspect.

His play Leg-Less is about a wheelchair bound protagonist struggling to cope with life, as one of the many posters imply.