Alan Crawford

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Alan Crawford

Alan Crawford, also called Scipio, was the manager of Madd Dogg until his death at the hands of Carl Johnson. He had managed Madd Dogg to success and his death causes Madd Dogg to enter a state of depression and drug use, also losing his mansion to Big Poppa. OG Loc, hoping to launch his own rap career by sabotaging Madd Dogg's, has CJ hijack the car where Crawford will be riding to get to his home, and dump it into the bay, drowning Crawford. When trapped in the car, he pleads with CJ, offering him women or a record deal, saying "I got loads of fine bitches, take 'em!" (as he is trapped in the car with another attractive woman) and having just won an award for best manager, he can "make any fool into a superstar". As this fails, he threatens CJ, saying "I know Ballas OG's, we like brothers. They'll fuck you up so bad!"

Mission appearances

GTA San Andreas


  • His character model appears on the poster for The Mainframe in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.
  • He has the same character model as a pedestrian. In addition, the character model looks strikingly similar to American rapper Will Smith.
  • His outfit is based on that of Tre Styles on the front cover of the film Boyz n' The Hood. This is yet one of many references to that film.