Albanian Mafia

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The Albanian Mafia is the first gang that Niko Bellic runs in to since arriving in America. This small-time mob, based in Broker, operates mainly in loan-sharking, blackmailing and extortion.

Albanian immigrants make up the majority of the gang. It seems that the Broker sect is controlled by Dardan Petrela, a loanshark who attempts to extort Roman Bellic. Dardan is joined by other Albanian thugs named Bledar Morina and Kemal Vulaj. The trio are obviously of very little influence in Liberty City.

The Albanian Mafia is also employed by the Ancelotti Family. The Ancelottis use the Albanians as hired guns and delivery boys, rather than there own soldiers. It is considered a possible weakness of the Ancelottis. It is also a way that the Irish Mob uses to cause problems for the Ancelottis during their attacks against them. The ploy is eventually discovered by the Albanians, who then strike back by openly attacking the Irishmen throughout the city, even at a funeral for one of the McReary brothers.