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Algonquin Skyline

Algonquin is a borough of Liberty City in GTA IV, based on the real life borough of Manhattan in New York City. Like Manhattan, Algonquin is a bustling commercial district full of towering skyscrapers and a massively varied composition of cultures. The name comes from a Native American tribe that lived in the Great Lakes region of the United States, but now live in Quebec, Canada. The ingame history program, says that Algonquin is a Native American word for "place to build condo skyscrapers".



Streets going east-west are named alphabetically for various minerals and elements, from Amethyst Street in the south to Xenotime Street in the north. North-south streets are also named alphabetically from Albany Avenue in the east to Galveston Avenue in the west. Shorter streets often are named differently, for example Burlesque. The city is surrounded by Union Drive (West and East) running around the Algonquin waterfront.


All of the subways in Liberty City converge on two lines looping through Algonquin: The A/J Outer Algonquin Line connects over the Algonquin Bridge to Broker, where it becomes the 3/8 Broker Line. The K/E Inner Algonquin Line connects to the B/C Bohan Line north of the Frankfort High/Low Stations. The two lines connect to one another at Easton Station.

In addition, there is also a Skycar over the western portion of the Humboldt River south of the Algonquin Bridge, connecting Algonquin with Colony Island. This is based on the Roosevelt Island Tramway.

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