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Andrei Utraniyev is a character in Grand Theft Auto IV. He is a Russian mobster and works for Dimitri Rascalov and Mikhail Faustin. Andrei is tasked with tracking down Niko Bellic for the murder of Vladimir Glebov. He follows Niko's cousin Roman Bellic, who hides in a dumpster to avoid him. When Niko eventually shows up, Andrei knocks him unconscious with the butt-end of an AK-47 and drags him to Mikhail's basement. There Andrei prepares to torture Niko with a handsaw, until Dimitri and Mikhail show up and berate him for bringing them to Mikhail's house.

Andrei's Death

While Andrei stands quietly in a corner, Mikhail speaks to Niko, asking him, "So, Niko Bellic. Do you think it is okay to kill my employees?" By employees, he means Vlad. Niko quietly replies, "If he is an asshole, yes." Mikhail Faustin pivots and becomes face-to-face with Andrei for a quick millisecond. Then he shoots Andrei in the head, knocking him cold dead. Then he looks at Dimitri and says, "What? A**hole looks at me like I am a piece of sh**" as an excuse for killing Andrei.

After Andrei's death, Dimitri still mentions how sad they are to lose Andrei, a good, loyal worker.