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A white Andromada parked at verdant meadows

The Andromada is a huge 4-engine plane in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The plane is only seen in the "Stowaway" mission, where you drive a bike into the back of the plane, blow it up, and then parachute off. The plane is also seen in the mission "A Home In The Hills" as CJ is on his way to Madd Dogg's mansion. There is no clear-cut view that the aircraft CJ and Woozie's men are on is definitely an Andromada, but judging by the interior it is the second time the Andromada is actually seen in game. This is evidenced by the shot of the Andromada flying over the Camel's Toe Casino and out of Las Venturas, heading south to Los Santos.

The Andromada is not otherwise obtainable ingame, however it can be spawned, by way of a third-party trainer program. If the Andromada is spawned, the player can fly it as if it were a normal plane. The cargo door could also be opened, but nothing could be stored in the plane itself. Some have speculated that it could have been used for transporting vehicles from island to island. The issues with this is that it is not meant to be flown, so the door and camera views are not where they should be. However, the plane is fun to fly, even if it is tricky to land. The plane does not possess a "skin", and as result the cockpit windows are dark, the plane is completely white apart from the engines, nose and landing gear, and the entry door does not open.

Also in the Toreno mission Stowaway, once you have boarded the Andromada, if you jump out of the back of the plane, without a parachute, you will get a special cutscene showing CJ land on a car blowing the doors off: wasted and mission failed. If you blow the charges before getting out of the plane, you will get another special cutscene showing the plane going down to the ground under "Mission failed!" text.

The name of the plane is "Andromada", not "Andromeda", which is correct for everything else, including the books, films, plants and constellation. The Andromada is based on the Lockheed C-141 Starlifter.


The Andromada interior from the front.

The Andromada Interior is the interior you get teleported to during the missions Stowaway and A Home in the Hills. The interior is not actually inside the Andromada, and is hovering high up in the sky, with clouds moving outside to simulate the plane itself moving. Although going to the ramps edge, and looking out towards the plane's front, the planes wings and engines can be seen. The interior is only enterable via the mission, or a trainer. (PC only) Inside the interior you have 2 nets on either side. Going further in you have cargo boxes, then at the front you have a barrel store.