Angels in America

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Angels in America is a mission in The Lost and Damned. In this mission your gang is having a party in their safehouse and the Angels of Death crash it. This annoys Billy resulting in him shooting one of the Angels of Death gang. The Lost and the Angels of Death had a truce to keep peace. Since the escape of the remaining Angels of Death would cause an unnecessary war, you have to chase them down and kill them. Then Johnny must rendevous with Billy and Jason.

Quick Walkthrough

1) Kill all of the Angels of Death Bikers.
2) Meet with Billy Grey.

Detailed Walkthrough

Kill the Bikers

After watching the cutscene, drive your motorcycle towards the Angels of Death bikers. Use your sawed-off shotgun to kill all of the bikers. The chase will take you through Booth Tunnel, but eventually the bikers will stop at the overpass on Topaz Street.

Meet With Billy

After killing all of the bikers, Billy will call you to meet with him on Grummer Street. Go there to complete the mission

Rewards: Jim becomes available as a mission boss, the player gains $750, and the Multiplayer portion of the game is unlocked.

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