Angels of Death Clubhouse

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The Angels of Death Clubhouse is the hangout for the Angels Of Death biker gang. The clubhouse can be found in Northwood on the isle of Algonquin. The clubhouse can be found on GTA IV but however is unaccesible to the player. But in the Lost and Damned was first seen during the mission Action/Reaction where The Lost attack the Clubhouse and steal some of their heroin. In The Lost and Damned, the player can arm wrestle outside outside of the clubhouse. The clubhouse's exterior features a window and two double-door entrances at the north side and an exit on the west side. The interoir features a bar and and upstars bedroom. It is not intended to be accesible otherwise, however there is a glitch that helps the player get inside and explore it freeley, it works on both downloadable version and Episodes from Liberty City version of The Lost and Damned, this glitch also works in the Episodes from Liberty City version of The Ballad of Gay Tony, seeing that both DLC'S are on the same disc.