Animals in GTA V

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Animals have been rumoured to appear in several Grand Theft Auto games, although most of these are generally believed to be created using unofficial modifications. Rockstar have, however, confirmed that animals, including wildlife, will appear for the first time in Grand Theft Auto V, including dogs who will guard restricted areas and will alert enemies of the player's presence, and sharks while exploring the ocean. Around Mount Chiliad there will likely be scores of birds and deer, and possibly bears.

Rockstar has stated in the past that they do not like the idea have having children or small animals in their games[1], possibly due to the controversy that could be caused by making them killable - Although dogs were present and killable in Red Dead Redemption, another game by Rockstar.


Dogs will likely be the most common, as well as the most utilized, animal in GTA V. Franklin, one of the protagonists of the game, owns a rottweiler named Chop, and based on the second trailer, Chop appears to be a focal point of some missions.


While rumored to be in previous games, sharks are confirmed to be in GTA V. As real-life sharks pose a serious danger to humans, it is likely that their GTA V counterparts will mimic real life in that aspect.