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Are You Going to San Fierro? is the fourteenth and final mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas prior to the departure of Red County and arrival to San Fierro. It's the second mission by The Truth.


After the completion of Farewell, My Love..., Catalina gives CJ a deed to the Xoomer garage in Doherty, San Fierro. Then, The Truth calls stating that the weed is finally ready, and asks Johnson to come see him.

The Plan

After getting to the "TT" icon, you will be given 5.5 minutes to burn all the weed fields of The Truth. When the timer runs out, Truth will get arrested, and a failure will result. Simply hold circle while you release fire. The Truth will work with you, but after about 1 minute, 10 seconds will give up. You'll be required to finish it while he waits for you in his Mothership. After the fields are destroyed, approach the Truth to get a rocket launcher.

Use your newly aquired rocket launcher to burn down the chopper before the time runs out. Enusre however, that it doesn't hit the Mothership or you will fail. In anycase, when the chopper is nothing but old rubble, jump into the Mothership and drive over to the garage. You will no longer have the timer to worry about, nor will anything chase you. just take it nice and slow to the red marker and it's finito.


After the finish the mission, you will be at your new save point, the garage in Doherty. Here, you'll start to upgrade it.