Army Fatigues

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The Army Fatigues is an outfit in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories that is worn by [Victor Vance]]. He wears it from the beginnign of the game but after completion of the mission Conduct Unbecoming, the Army Fatigues get confiscated, as he gets kicked out of the army. However, the Army Fatigues are re-unlocked after completing the mission Over The Top. Other Army Fatigues appear throughout the series but are only worn by soldiers and not the protagonist.


  • Wearing the Army Fatigues allows the player to freely enter all areas of the Fort Baxter Air Base without being attacked by the soldiers inside the base. The player can also steal military vehicles from within the Fort Baxter Air Base or sometimes police vehicles from police stations without getting a wanted level.
  • The Army Fatigues, however, does not offer immunity from the police or the military. If Vic kills a soldier or commits a crime,the police and/or soldiers will try to arrest/kill him.
  • The player can also get rid of a one or two star wanted level by changing into the outfit, even if the player is already wearing the outfit.