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File:GTAIII Asuka.jpg
Asuka Kasen, in October 2001, as depicted in Grand Theft Auto III.

Asuka Kasen (? - October 2001) is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, who appears in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto Advance. She is the co-leader of the Yakuza along with her brother Kenji. She is the younger sister of Kazuki Kasen, sister-in-law to Toshiko Kasen and has a young niece called Yuka. Lianna Pai voiced Asuka Kasen in Grand Theft Auto III, however due to limited audio, no voices appeared in Grand Theft Auto Advance.

Asuka arrived in the United States of America in 1991 and became leader or co-leader of the Yakuza between 1998 (when her brother Kazuki Kasen was killed) and 2000 (when Grand Theft Auto Advance takes place). It is unusual for a woman to hold such a high-ranking position in the Yakuza gang, however Asuka rose to co-leader due to her knack for "torture, security and information retrieval" abilities. Asuka is also a sadomasochist, and in Grand Theft Auto III it was hinted she could have a bisexual dominatrix. Evidence being that she ties up Maria Latore and plays sadomasochistic games with her. She bought a condo in the Newport area of Staunton Island, Liberty City.

Asuka first appears in Grand Theft Auto Advance asking Mike for help. She wants him to rescue her young niece Yuka, who Mike had kidnapped in the first place, from the Colombian Cartel. However, Asuka is unaware of Mike's involvement. Mike then does various jobs for Asuka involving prostitution, bad fish, Mafia problems (most likely from Leone family), film stars, sports events and casinos. Asuka then reveals where Vinnie's killer can be found, but he is already dead when Mike gets there. When Mike is looking to escape Liberty City, Asuka pages Mike saying she thinks she can help. However, it is an ambush with the Mafia (likely the Leone family) and Uptown Yardies attacking him. It is unknown whether Asuka actually turned on Mike and it would be odd for the Yakuza and the Mafia too work together (especially after the events of Grand Theft Auto Advance). It is possible that Asuka found about Mike's involvement in kidnapping Yuka, and so turned on him.

File:GTAA Asuka.jpg
Asuka Kasen in 2000/2001, as depicted in Grand Theft Auto Advance.

Directly following on from the events of Grand Theft Auto Advance are those of Grand Theft Auto III. It is likely that Asuka sent her niece into hiding or back to Japan in October 2001, as Yuka is not seen in Grand Theft Auto III.

Asuka is called upon by her friend Maria Latore to help her and her 'boyfriend' Claude escape from Salvatore Leone, who planned to blow-up Claude Speed using a car bomb. Asuka, doubting of people following Mike's deceitful actions, calls on Claude to prove himself by killing Salvatore Leone. Along with Salvatore, various Leone hit men and a reporter from Liberty Tree. Asuka also introduces Claude to her brother Kenji and corrupt policeman Ray Machowski.

After an 'unknown Colombian Cartel assassin' (which was really Claude) kills Kenji, Asuka launches a full scale war against the Colombian Cartel. Asuka, like with Mike kidnapping Yuka, remains unaware that Claude Speed killed her brother Kenji. Asuka also kidnaps Miguel, and begins torturing him for information. Asuka also trains Maria in the art of torture. This, and her dispatching of Claude to stop the spread of Spank, leads to Catalina (leader of the Colombian Cartel) to kill Asuka and presumably Miguel, and kidnapping Maria Latore. It is unknown who suceeded Asuka, it could of been either Ray Machowski or Claude or Maria or could of been Kanbu

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