Automatic 9mm

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An Automatic 9mm

The Automatic 9mm, based on the CZ 75, is a new pistol featured in The Lost and Damned episodic pack for Grand Theft Auto IV. It is fully automatic with a 17 bullet capacity. It can be purchased from Terry's gun van (a Slamvan). The automatic 9mm is just as powerful as the regular 9mm Pistol in GTA IV, although it fires fully automatic and is far more accurate. However, this gun is probably the weakest gun in the whole game, needing 3 or more head shots to bring down an enemy on singleplayer and 5 or more headshots to bring down an enemy on Multiplayer. It is the starting weapon for players when the weapons are set to all, weaker, or to biker weapons on TLAD. Despite its weakness, its clip capacity, accuracy, and rate of fire make it a great backup SMG and an acceptable choice during drive bys.