Automatic Shotgun

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File:Weapons explosiveshotgun.png
The HUD icon of the Explosive Shotgun

The Explosive Shotgun or Automatic Shotgun is a new shotgun introduced in the Grand Theft Auto IV DLC The Ballad of Gay Tony, based on the AA-12. It holds 20 standard or explosive shells per magazine and 580 in ammo reserve. It uses either standard buckshot or special explosive rounds (known as the Frag-12). Regular shotgun shells have a red casing, and explosive shells are green. It does not fire fully automatic like its real world counterpart is capable of, but rather only in semi-automatic like the Combat Shotgun in GTA IV. The explosive variant is capable of killing an enemy in one shot up close, and knocking an enemy down if distant.

Both variants of the AA-12 are available in Multiplayer. Armando Torres gives the player a regular version in "Corner Kids", while the Explosive Variant is received from Yusuf Amir in the mission "High Dive". After High Dive, the player can purchase explosive shells from Armando.

The AA-12 as seen in the debut trailer.