Back Alley Brawl

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Back Alley Brawl
Game: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Mission boss: Ken Rosenberg
Start location: Washington Beach
Reward: $200

Back Alley Brawl is the third mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which sees Tommy Vercetti continue to track down those responsible for the ambushed drug deal.

The mission can be accessed after completing the mission The Party, and the mission can be started at Ken Rosenberg's office in Washington Beach. The mission begins with a cutscene in Rosenberg's office, with Rosenberg and Tommy discussing the ambushed drug deal. Rosenberg sends Tommy to Kent Paul, saying that "he's got his nose so far up most of Vice City's ass that if anybody knows the whereabouts 20k's of coke, it's this guy". Tommy goes to the Malibu Club to meet Paul.

Tommy confronts Kent Paul in the Malibu Club, and eventually gets word of Leo Teal, a chef who works in the underworld of Vice City. Tommy drives towards the beach front and kills Leo Teal, stealing his cell phone. Lance Vance then appears on the scene, mockingly congratulating Tommy on killing Leo, saying 'you just silenced our lead'.

Tommy and Lance then run to Lance's car after three chefs begin to chase them. Lance takes Tommy to the local Ammu-Nation and then to the Pole Position strip-club, before Tommy drives back to the Ocean View Hotel, where the mission ends.

The reward is $200, and the next mission, Jury Fury, becomes available.