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This is a walkthrough of the mission Badlands in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The mission begin where there's a guy hiding up Mount Chiliad that disagrees with Tenpenny and Pulaski's methods. Pulaski wants him dead, and he wants evidence from you that he isn't going to talk. Kill the witness, and bring back proof. Pulaski hands you a camera with an unlimited number of shots. Hold R1 to look through the camera viewfinder. Press L2 to zoom in, and R2 to zoom out. Press 'Circle' to take the photo, or press L1 to take the photo AND save it to your gallery. Grab a vehicle and head towards Mount Chiliad. Stop in the red marker at the bottom of the mountain, and begin making your way up. A bike (of some sort) would be the most suitable vehicle to use. The roads going up the mountain can get very narrow and complicated, so a small, but fast vehicle such as a motorbike would be perfect. Don't get too close to the snitches hideout, or he'll flee. Examine the area. There are federal police officers surrounding the hideout, and the snitch is inside. Ignore the federal officers completely; there aren't many of them, and they can't do much damage. Drive full speed towards the hideout. Go to the right hand side of the hideout, and around the back (still ignoring the federal officers as they shoot). Pick a weapon and kill the snitch, who should at this point be leaving the hideout. If you can kill him before he gets into his car (which is the whole point of this method) you shouldn't have too many problems. If he DOES manage to get into his car, you will have to chase him down the mountain. Try and ram his vehicle over the edge of the mountain, but if that's not possible a simple drive-by should do it, causing the snitch to exit the vehicle, and from there it's pretty straight-forward. Photograph the body, and take it back to the drop. Mission passed.