Ballas-Grove Street War

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The Ballas-Grove Street War was a gang war fought between The Ballas and The Grove Street Families led by Sean Johnson and his brother Carl Johnson.The participants of the war were Kane,Little Weasel,Little Devil,Big Devil,Tony,Carl Johnson,Ryder,Big Smoke,and Sean Johnson.

The War

The start of the war had never been explained but it may have started when drugs was introduced to Los Santos The Ballas started making money selling drugs while GSF leader Sean "Sweet" Johnson refused to sell drugs making Grove Street weaker.After the death of Beverley her son Carl "CJ" Johnson came back from Liberty City and moved back to Los Santos.The funeral was attacked by Ballas but no one was hurt or killed.Many members of Grove Street had disbanded the gang when drugs were introduced such as Big Bear and B-Dup.CJ tried to reunite the gang but B-Dup had angrily refuse.Big Bear had became a crack-head and a servant to B-Dup.CJ and Ryder attempted to get rid of the drug dealers around their area and killed many Ballas crack dealers.CJ also convinced the gang to start buying from Emmet again.

The Middle of the War

Corrupt C.R.A.S.H. members Frank Tenpenny,Eddie Pulaski,and Jimmy Hernandez told both gangs about a train filled with ammunation heading torwards Los Santos,The Grove Street Families managed to take the guns and all the Ballas were slaughterd.While GSF members Big Smoke,Ryder,Sweet,and CJ were out getting food they were attaked by Ballas but they manage to kill them all of.The Grove Street got revenge on them and did a drive-by on their turf,killing Little Weasel,On Little Weasle's funeral Sweet and Cj got revenge on Beverley's funeral attack and killed Temple Drive leader Kane.CJ also started taking over Ballas turf.Sweet was going to attack more Ballas gang members under The Gant Bridge,but this was a trap,Big Smoke were working with Ballas and had betrayed their old gang.Sweet was wounded before CJ got their but he was taken away by C.R.A.S.H while Sweet was arrested.

Tables Turn

With Sweet arrested and CJ away the Grove Street lost major influence and Ballas had major controll over Los Santos.Ballas started working with The Loco Syndicate and started making more money untill CJ killed many members of the Loco Syndicate such as T-Bone Mendez and Jizzy B. and the Loco Syndicate disbanded.

The Return of the Johnson Brothers

After Sweet was released out of prison he and CJ came back to Los Santos and started taking over Los Santos again.After Tenpenny was cleared from corruption charges a huge riot started out in Los Santos and CJ came after Big Smoke and had to slaughter many Ballas members along with The Russian Mafia,Los Santos Vagos.If the player chooses they can take all of the Ballas territory making the Ballas extinct.