Bank Van Theft!

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Bank Van Theft! is is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to Claude Speed by Trey Welsh of the Zaibatsu. The mission is available from the red Zaibatsu phone in Omnitron, Downtown District.


Trey needs used bank notes, so gets Claude to steal a G4 Bank Van. Claude gets into trouble with the Yakuza along the way.


Trey: Hey, Gecko! Trey Welsh here. I need used bank notes for my contraband drug operation. Once the Guard makes his pick-up, steal the Bank Van, but don't get seen or the job's screwed.

(Claude approaches the Van.)

Trey: Steal, the Bank Van, Gecko, as soon as the Guard climbs on board.

(The Guard enters the Van.)

Trey: Grab the Van NOW!

(Claude steals the Van.)

Trey: Big problem, Gecko - you have Yakuza on your tail. Shake them before you reach the Safehouse.

(Claude drives away; the Yakuza catch up.)

Trey: The Yakuza are closing in, Gecko. Shift your ass!

(Claude kills one of the Yakuza.)

Trey: Yes, Gecko! That's one less piece of Yakuza shit!

(Claude drives the Van to the Safehouse.)

Trey: Well done, Gecko. I now have $60,000 for you and enough for me to visit the moon. See you when I get back.


Mission completion rewards the player with $60,000.