Barracks Safehouse

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Exterior of the barracks safehouse in GTA Vice City Stories.
Interior of the barracks.

The barracks is the player's first safehouse in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


Located in Fort Baxter, Vice City, and based on a standard army barracks, the barracks is depicted as a shared accommodation, with rooms for a superior officer (a personal dorm and an office, presumably for a drill instructor) in front, a recruits' dorm with several beds in the middle, and toilets and showers at the back.

Players will find their savepoint and a pistol pickup near the end of the recruits' dorm; however, the safehouse does not include a health pickup within the building, unlike later safehouses in the game, as it is already provided in front of the medic barracks just down the road.

During his career in the army, Victor Vance hides a package of drugs under his bed under orders of his superior officer Jerry Martinez. After being discovered, Victor is kicked out of the army and can no longer use the safehouse until "Over the Top", when the player can reenter the barracks during the mission; the pistol pickup is still available inside the barracks during the mission.