Big Bank Job!

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Big Bank Job! is is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to Claude Speed by Trey Welsh of the Zaibatsu. The mission is available from one of the yellow Zaibatsu phones in Zarelli of the Downtown District.


Trey needs to pay-off the police, so gets Claude to steal money from the Third World Bank.


Trey: Hey, Gecko, it's Trey Welsh. I need some clean cash for a Cop pay-off. There's a Third World Bank Van circling the city. Steal it.

(Claude steals the Van.)

Trey: Pick up the Z-Men Unit - then I will fill you in on the job.

(Claude reaches the Z-Men.)

Trey: Hey, Gecko, the Z-Men are expecting you. Sound your horn to get their attention.

(Claude sounds the horn; the Z-Men get in.)'

Trey: The Bank is expecting this Van - so be careful with it, Gecko!

(Claude arrives at the Bank.)


(Claude enters the bank.)

Trey: Grab the briefcase and get the hell out of there!

(Claude picks up the briefcase; an alarm sounds and Claude gets a two-head wanted level.)

Trey: Get back in the Bank Van, dumb ass!

(Claude gets back in the Van.)

Trey: Get the Bank Van and the clean cash back to the Safehouse - FAST!

(Claude drives the Van to the Safehouse.)

Trey: Find Rollo Tomassi, life-long friend of the Zaibatsu. He can swap clean cash for the necessary Cop pay-off.

(Claude gets the pay-off package from Rollo.)

Trey: Give the package to the Cop - with our thanks!

(Claude delivers the package to the Cop.)

Cop: Give my thanks to Trey Welsh. Reming him my price is going up.

(The package explodes, killing the Cop. Claude gets a four-head wanted level.)

Trey: His price just went down, Gecko. Get a vehicle and get to the Safehouse.

(Claude arrives at the Safehouse.)

Trey: Impressive, Gecko! This display of force will remind the cops not to bite the Zaibatsu hand that feeds them. Your fine performance is worthy of $40,000.


Mission completion rewards the player with $40,000.