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Big Poppa, running from Carl Johnson.

Big Poppa is a character who appears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as a minor character. Big Poppa is a drug dealer and a member of the Los Santos Vagos. Some fans speculate that Big Poppa is the leader of the Los Santos Vagos, although there is no evidence to support this. Big Poppa takes Madd Dogg's mansion in exchange for drugs. During the mission A Home in the Hills, Carl Johnson and San Fierro Triad gang members re-take the home. Carl then kills the fleeing Big Poppa. The name "Big Poppa" is likely a reference to a very popular Notorious B.I.G. song of the same name, though it was written in 1994, two years after the events of GTA San Andreas took place.


  • Big Poppa owns a Phoenix, a very rare sports car, in which he tries to escape from Carl.
  • Big Poppa does not get an individual character design but a generic Los Santos Vagos design.
  • Big Poppa is named after the 1994 The Notorious B.I.G song Big Poppa.

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