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(Video walkthroughs)
(Video walkthroughs)
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!PS2 Version
!PS2 Version
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!PC Version

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Black Project
Area 69 shortly before being invaded by Carl Johnson

Area 69 shortly before being invaded by Carl Johnson
Game GTA San Andreas
For The Truth
Target Jetpack
Location Verdant Meadows, Bone County
Reward Nothing
Unlocks Green Goo
Unlocked by Stowaway

Black Project is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by The Truth from Verdant Meadows, Bone County, San Andreas.

Note: If Carl is overweight when attempting to start this mission, The Truth will call him a "fat ass," and tell him to lose some weight beforehand, presumably to make it easier for the jetpack to lift him.


The Truth instructs Carl to steal a Top Secret Project (referred to as the "Black Project") from a Restricted Government Base which is, due to it's secrecy, not normally located on the map. CJ arrives at then makes his way through the Area 69, killing Federal Agents and Military Personnel. He also (optionally) disables the SAM sites, in an effort to make his escape less difficult. After progressing through the base and massacring Soldiers, Agents and Scientists alike, he finally finds the Secret Project, which turns out to be a $60,000,000 Jetpack. CJ escapes from Area 69 via Jetpack and takes it to The Truth, who is waiting for him on top of Arco del Oeste. The Truth then abandons Carl, driving off in the Mothership, eager to test out his new Jetpack.


(Carl Johnson, The Truth at the Verdant Meadows airstrip.)

The Truth: Hail fellow, well met. Namaste. Peace. Carl, brother.

(CJ looks around and can't find Truth.)

Carl Johnson: Hey, Truth, where you at?

The Truth: Just checking that you were no longer on 'government business'. Where is he?

Carl Johnson: How the fuck would I know, man? He's like the devil. Hey, man, you OK?

The Truth: Everything is transient.

(The Truth jumps down from the old plane he's standing at.)

The Truth: Oof. Oh, man. Uh. I'm passing through life, same as every man.

Carl Johnson: OK.

The Truth: Do you have any idea what you're doing for Toreno?

Carl Johnson: No. I seem to be on a need-to-know basis.

The Truth: Oh, no, man. Two lies don't cancel each other out. You know that. We pay them to lie to us. Is that what our founding fathers wanted? No more, friend. No more. We're not alone.

(The Truth starts hugging CJ.)

Carl Johnson: Get off me, man, what's going on?

The Truth: Everything is going on! Don't you get it? There's a place. Not even on the map. A train is about to leave. It can explain better than I ever can. Boy, this is going to blow your fucking mind! We got work to do. You better drive. I'll explain. Elegance does not even touch it.

(The Truth and CJ arrive outside Area 69.)

Carl Johnson: Do we have a plan here?

The Truth: Go, go, go!

Carl Johnson: HEY! Hold up, dude!

(The Truth drives away in his car.)

(CJ steals the jetpack and is on his way escaping.)

Military personnel: Take him out! That's a $60,000,000 project!

Military personnel: Get the General Mills on the line!

(CJ takes the jetpack to The Truth.)

The Truth: Carl, dude, man!

Carl Johnson: Here you go, better stash it someplace fast!

The Truth: Far out, have a nice trip, dude!

Carl Johnson: Hey, wait a... Was it too much to get a lift into town?


  • When inside Area 69 research area, the administrator tells the employees that downloading pornography is strictly prohibited.
  • The administrator also tells that employees stealing alien technology will not be invited to the next staff night out. CES
  • The administrator also states that running with scissors is dangerous and forbidden.
  • Strangely, after the mission is completed, the SAM sites are re-activated. This is unlike the mission Vertical Bird, where the SAM sites are permanently disabled.


There is no reward for this mission but the mission Green Goo is unlocked for The Truth and a jetpack is always available near the water tank, the garage and the abandoned AC tower on the eastern part of the airstrip.


Video walkthroughs

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