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:''This vehicle is the boat in The Ballad of Gay Tony. For the car from GTA San Andreas, see [[Blade]]''
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[[Image:Blade-TBOGT-front.png|thumb|300px|The Blade.]]
The '''Blade''' is one of three new speedboats introduced in [[The Ballad of Gay Tony]]. The boat is similar to [[Grand Theft Auto IV]]'s [[Tropic]], but features a rear spoiler that sweeps back instead of forward, more like the [[Squalo]]. It is the fastest of of the three new speedboats.
*It will sometimes spawn at the docks next to [[Golden Pier Swingers Golf Club]], in the [[Meat Quarter]].
*Used during Water-based [[Drug Wars]]. Will randomly appear for the player to use during the war.
==See also==
*[[Speeder]] - GTA III era and GTA Chinatown Wars equivalent
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