Bomb Da Base II

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Bomb Da Base II is an online multiplayer mission in GTAIV for the XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3. It is a direct reference to a similar mission in GTA III called Bomb Da Base.

The game starts you out with a cut-scene about drugs being smuggled in by boat. After which you and your fellow multiplayer friends all have to work together in order to bomb the ship that was shown in the cut-scene.

You start off in Algonquin with two black Rebla cars parked and you must first find and steal a cargo lorry containing said bombs. Once you have obtained it you must then drive it to a helipad (one that you may recognize from an earlier mission on story mode). Another cut scene will kick in where a lone Petrovic gang member will land a helicopter and tell the four players that they might need it in order to fight from the air.

You then have to fly the helicopter to the boat (which is the same boat you kill Dimitri Rascalov on during the Revenge choice of the storyline). When you have landed you will notice two waypoints on your map - this is where you need to place the bombs.

You and your team mates have to make your way to the top of the boat in the control room and also underneath the deck where you may have killed Dimitri depending on the route you took in story mode. Shoot your way to the bombs and then plant them. If three or all players are killed, the mission fails.

Different players receive $100 for each enemies neutralized. Once both bombs have been placed, every team member must escape the boat in about 1 minute before it blows. You will each then get a share of $4500 to add to your rank. Your mission is complete.