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The following is a walkthrough to Boomshine Blowout in GTA Vice City.

Go and visit Phil in his shop. He is drunk but he wants to show you something: his boomshine bombs! As he presses the detonator, the bomb did not explode. So in a drunken haze Phil goes over to fix it, but by doing so he accidentally sets off the bomb right next to him, blowing off his right arm.

Now you have to drive Phil to the hospital. But, thanks to the vapors of Phil's boomshine, you are dizzy and have impaired vision. Driving in this section is particularly difficult as your ability to steer is delayed. Every other control is fine however.

Take Phil to the hospital as fast as possible or he will eventually bleed to death, as is emphasized by Phil bleeding during the trip. If a cop sees you, you will receive a wanted level. When you get to the hospital, Phil will tell you that the hospital has too many cops and Viet Cong, and to take him to a war surgeon located nearby who owes him a few favours and a lawnmower.

Drop Phil off at the surgeon to complete the mission. Upon completing the mission, you receive $4000 and an ability to buy weapons from Phil.