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Boulevard Baby is a mission in The Ballad of Gay Tony. This mission is given by Gay Tony to Luis Lopez. It involves a club shootout with the players first (and last) view of the interior for Bahama Mamas. Gay Tony asks you to go down to Bahama Mama's and to "talk" with Monique, as Rocco Pelosi wants to get to her boyfriend Vic Manzano. (This mission is also the second appearance of the Unnamed Asian Woman.)


Get into Tony's car. It's a short drive. Once you enter the club, head downstairs and onto the dance floor. You will find Monique dancing. Walk up to her and dance. You eventually seduce her and she brings you into the office to give Luis a blowjob. She tells Maurice, a bouncer, not to let anyone in. Vic, however marches into the office and finds her under the table with Luis sitting in his chair. He punches Monique and pulls a gun on Luis. Shoots Vic and pick up the Pistol .44 he drops, which is unlocked in this mission. Walk out of the office. Most of the club's bouncers will start shooting at you, so pick your favorite gun and shoot back. As innocent clubbers promptly flee the flying bullets, try to avoid them and take down each bouncer. Head for the front door upstairs. Use cover and remember to reload frequently. You complete the mission when you leave the nightclub and leave the area. This is the last and only time that the player can enter Bahama Mamas, as it is shut down after the shoot-out.

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Mission requirements

Time: 3:10
Player Damage: 40%
Groove On: Dance perfectly with Monique
Good Guy: Do not harm any innocent patrons or Monique


  • If you wait for "Pjanoo" by Eric Prydz to come on, everyone on the dancefloor will cheer. This may have something to do with the song being featured on the debut trailer.