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|  [[Bison (vehicle)|Bison]]
|  [[Bison (vehicle)|Bison]]
|  Pickup Truck
|  Pickup Truck
|  [[wp:Dodge_Ram#2009.E2.80.93present_.28DS.2FDJ.29|2009—Present Dodge Ram 1500]]
|  [[wp:Ram_(truck)#2009.E2.80.93present_.28DS.2FDJ.29|2009—Present Dodge Ram 1500]]
|  No
|  No
|  No
|  No

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Bravado is an automotive manufacturer in the HD Universe based on Dodge as well as its spinoff divisions Ram Trucks and SRT; also, Bravado's logo of a charging bull is a parody of Dodge's ram head logo. The term "bravado" refers to a show of defiance, intimidation or false courage.


Vehicle Style Based on Appears in Variants
Banshee Sports Car 1996—2002 Dodge Viper Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bison Pickup Truck 2009—Present Dodge Ram 1500 No No No Yes
Buffalo Sports Sedan 2006—2010 Dodge Charger
2011—Present Dodge Charger (GTA V)
Yes [1] Yes [1] Yes Yes
Duneloader Pickup Truck 1945—1964 Dodge Power Wagon No No No Yes
Feroci Sedan 1991—1996 Lexus GS Yes Yes Yes No
Gauntlet Muscle Car 2009—present Dodge Challenger SRT8 No No No Yes
Gresley SUV 2011—present Dodge Durango No No No Yes
Rat-Loader[3] Coupe Utility 1937—1939 Studebaker Coupe Express No No No Yes
Rumpo Van 2008—2014 Ford E-150 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tampa Muscle Car 1968—1974 Chevrolet Nova No Yes[4] Yes No
Youga Van 1994—2003 Dodge Ram Van No No No Yes


  1. 1.0 1.1 FIB Buffalo only.
  2. Only appears in The Ballad of Gay Tony in online multiplayer and in Grand Theft Auto V.
  3. Manufacturer revealed when entering a mod garage.
  4. Appears in the opening cutscene, but otherwise not obtainable in The Lost and Damned.