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The Bravura is a vehicle in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is a 2 door, a very common sight in San Andreas, and can be found throughout in the state.


The front of the Bravura and the trimming on the sides has a resemblance to a 1987–1993 Ford Mustang but some details like the wide-looking side profile are different and look much like an '80s GM N platform coupe vehicle like the 1985-1991 Pontiac Grand Am.


Acceleration is average due to a small (likely 4-cylinder) engine being matched to a front-wheel drivetrain, but pulling a small curb weight. What is truly disappointing about this car, though, is the significant lack of speed that would be expected from the light frame. Handling is average, but the car exhibits understeer. Brakes tend on the weak side, but are effective due to the light chassis and inability to reach very high speeds.


Car Modifications (GTA: San Andreas)

  • Color
  • Hood scoop (two types)
  • Vents (two types)
  • Exhausts (two types)
  • Fog lights
  • Roof scoop
  • Spoilers (two types)
  • Side skirt
  • Wheels (ten types)
  • Nitro (three types)
  • Bass Boost
  • Hydraulics


  • Bravura is the name of the police lieutenant in the game Max Payne, also created by Rockstar Games.
  • The default radio station in the Bravura is SF-UR.