Broker Bridge Approach

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The Broker Bridge Approach is an expressway that acts as a section of the larger Broker-Dukes Expressway in Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV. The expressway connects the Broker Bridge with Firefly Projects via Hove Beach. This segment of freeway is entirely within the borough of Broker and extends from the Eastern edge of the Broker Bridge in Hove Beach eastbound through to a large intersection in Firefly Projects. There is one exit between these two locations: an exit which links the freeway with Oneida Avenue in Hove Beach. The expressway continues north from Firefly Projects although is not known as the Broker Bridge Approach.

Along with the section North of Francis International Airport, the Broker Bridge Approach is the fastest section of the Broker-Dukes expressway, this is mainly due to the expressway's elevated isolation from the road network at these locations.

It's based on the Brooklyn Bridge Approach in New York City.