Broker Safehouse

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The exterior of the Broker safehouse, forming part of a row of identical buildings.

The Broker Safehouse is Niko Bellic's first safehouse in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Getting and losing the safehouse

Located near the southern end of Mohawk Ave in Russian-influenced Hove Beach, the apartment was Roman Bellic's initial place of residence (after spending a period of time living in his taxi depot), and was offered as a place of accommodation for Niko upon his arrival in Liberty City, to Niko's dismay (as he found Roman was not living in a mansion, as claimed in his letters and e-mails).

During the mission "Roman's Sorrow", the apartment and Roman's cab depot are burnt down by the Russians. The two cousins then escape to Bohan, where Mallorie has a place for them. After this (Broker) safehouse has burned down, vehicles may still be stored in the parking space outside. It is possible to get back in after it has been burned, you have to get a small car (like a comet) and get it sitting of the top of the stair case, and than get out. you will fly into the air and find yourself back in the house. and you will be unable to get out.


The safehouse is rudimentary, with a futon (sofa-bed) which acts as a save point, a television, a table with a dirty kitchen, a radio and a wall which is peeling off. A design poster of a blue Banshee with a white stripe can be found in the house, as are numerous posters of scantly clad women. There is a picture of Mallorie Bardas, Roman's girlfriend, on the bedside table. There is another one photo of young and pretty slim Roman with her in the commod nearby.