Brucie's Races

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After the mission No. 1 in Grand Theft Auto IV, Brucie Kibbutz tells Niko Bellic to call him whenever he wanted to enter a race. There are nine races that can be accessed through the phone by going to Phonebook - Brucie - Race. The races are given to the player in a random order, but all nine must be completed before repeating one. It is required to win all nine races at least once for 100% completion. Each race consists of the player and five other vehicles. Niko is always that last car to arrive and therefore always gets the rearmost starting position. The races are given dependent on the player's location on the map; if the player is in Broker, for example, only races pertinent to Broker will be given.

It is possible for the player to get an advantage by driving a slow vehicle when calling for a race. If the player then steals a fast car before arriving at the starting point, some or all of his competitors may be cars or trucks of a slower speed class, similar to the first vehicle the player had.

Name Location Laps
Dukes Boulevard East Island City, Dukes 3
Airport Run Willis, Dukes 3
South Broker South Slopes, Broker 3
Star Junction Star Junction, Algonquin 5
South Algonquin Castle Garden City, Algonquin 3
Road to Bohan North Holland, Algonquin 3
Elevated Alderney City, Alderney 3
North Alderney Leftwood, Alderney 5
South Alderney Tudor, Alderney 3

All races reward you with $500.