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Bruce "Brucie" Kibbutz is a fitness enthusiast in Grand Theft Auto IV. He is a steroid user and possible dealer of performance enhancing drugs, something that has resulted in a few encounters with law enforcement. Loud, egotistical, and impulsive, his attitude is the complete opposite of Niko Bellic's. Nonetheless, the two become good friends over time.

Brucie is a successful entrepreneur who runs a garage in East Hook, Liberty City. He thinks little of flaunting his money and has even started his own website called Brucie's Executive Lifestyle. The actual purpose of the site is unknown, but it seems to be some sort of mix between an online blog and lifestyle tips. In his spare time Brucie uses a rare form of steroid; testosterone taken from bull sharks. It has led to excessive 'roid rage and may account for the current mindset Kibbutz has.

Brucie, besides being extremely rich, also has a love for sports cars and women. He is a womanizer, and is openly disrespectful towards women. It is implied that women are only drawn to Brucie because of his vast fortune, which he uses to take them on powerboat trips throughout Liberty City, as well as a personal helicopter tour. Brucie's attitude towards life has also attracted many friends, including Roman Bellic, who sees Brucie's position as his own personal goal. The two met through Brucie's website. Eventually, Roman introduces Brucie to his cousin Niko, who starts to work for Brucie. At first it appears as though Brucie is working for some sort of crime boss, as he orders Lyle Rivas killed for cooperating with police. Later, Lyle's car is stolen and his brother Tom is killed by Niko. However, Niko later learns that Brucie is a legitimate business owner in that he isn't involved with organized crime (though his Executive Lifestyle Auto shop is a chop shop) and it is implied that the series of crimes have been simply fueled by 'roid rage and insecurity.

Following this revelation, Niko ends the business relationship with Brucie. However, the two remain friends and socialize often. Brucie introduces Niko to the world of underground street racing as well, along with a stolen car ring. First Niko performs a series of thefts for Brucie through email listings, and then eventually he is introduced to a colleague named Stevie, whose list is much more difficult to attain. Brucie also tips Niko off to a vigilante system set up by the Liberty City Police Department, where they have contracted out assassinations to vigilantes like Niko through a "Most Wanted List".

Brucie is voiced by Timothy Adams.

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