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Brute is a commercial, agricultural, and industrial vehicle and heavy machine manufacturer in the HD Universe. The vehicle division may be based off GMC, as GMC previously made medium to heavy-duty trucks and chassis. The Brute Ambulance looks similar to the Declasse Burrito, implying that Brute and Declasse are corporate cousins, much like Chevrolet (which Declasse is based) and GMC. Although no brand name is visible on the Mr. Tasty, it can be presumed that this vehicle is manufactured by Brute as it's basically a smaller Boxville.

In Grand Theft Auto V, Brute manufactures pumpjacks that are used in the Los Santos area. Additionally, in pre-release screenshots, an open-air tour bus and a recreational vehicle are built upon the same chassis as the Ambulance.


A Brute pumpjack, as seen in the GTA V trailer.
Vehicle Style Based on Appears in Variants
Ambulance Ambulance Third-generation Chevrolet Van Yes Yes Yes Yes
Boxville Commercial Truck/Van Utilimaster Step Van Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bus City Bus Orion V CNG Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pony Van 1986-1993 Dodge Ram Van Yes Yes Yes TBD
Stockade 8000 Armored Truck 1989-2001 International 4000 Series Yes Yes Yes Yes