Bryce Dawkins

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Bryce Dawkins

Bryce Dawkins is the Deputy Mayor of Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV. Although never encountered in person, he is mentioned frequently by Niko Bellic's acquaintance, Bernie Crane. His character model seen on billboards throughout the city is also the same as a pedestrian's seen around the city in GTA IV. It is revealed that Bernie is involved in a romantic relationship with Dawkins who, ironically, built his entire political career on conservative family values and anti-gay legislation. Moreover, Dawkins is married with children yet continues to carry on with his relationship with Bernie. Bryce met Bernie at a foam party at the Tony Prince-owned gay club Hercules while Bernie was high on ectasy.

Dawkins' secret is in danger of being exposed several times, forcing Bernie to enlist the assistance of Niko to help put a stop to the blackmailers hired by Dimitri Rascalov. Niko's help earns him an Infernus, a gift from both Dawkins and Bernie, which is given to him after the mission Buoys Ahoy.

Eventually, Dawkins' affair is leaked but the man vehemently denies being gay as well as any romantic involvement with Bernie, claiming their relationship as being purely platonic. He does however admit that he is going through troubled times and enters a rehabilitation clinic to deal with his "issues". What happened to Bernie after the affair was exposed is not mentioned.

In The Lost and Damned, Dawkins makes a comment on the website, a website selling the toy Gender Roll Doll, which is a children's toy that promotes gender stereotypes. The woman doll says 'It's okay to hit me if dinner is cold,' while the boy doll says 'I solve problems with my hands!' Dawkins said that the toy is a very important tool for suppresing homosexual feelings and supporting family values.

Dawkins is likely a member of the Republican Party, as 'family values social Conservatives' tend to turn towards the Republican Party more than the Democratic. He may also be a member of the ultra-conservative Constitution Party, the largest third-party in the United States, which supports family values, and strongly decry homosexuality.