Bryce Dawkins' Infernus

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File:Orange infernus.jpg
The orange infernus

Bryces' Infernus (There is no actual name for this mission in-game) is a semi-mission in GTA IV. After the mission Buoys Ahoy for Bernie Crane, Bernie calls Niko, telling him to collect Bryce Dawkins orange Infernus, as a gift from both of them for helping them keep their love affair secret. This is the only orange Infernus available in the game, and is not obtainable at Pay 'n' Spray, it also is the only version with black sport rims and a black stripe on the side skirt.

The color will either be a light yellowish orange or a darker, almost red-red orange


The Infernus will be parked in the car park behind Bernie Crane's apartment, in Varsity Heights. Hop in, and Niko will thank Bryce for the gift, hoping it wasn't funded by the city budget. This will complete Bernie Crane's missions.