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For the similar vehicle in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, see Buccaneer.
The Bucanneer

The Bucanneer is a 2-door car found in Grand Theft Auto IV. After stealing all thirty cars for Stevie, he then agrees to buy cars, with the Bucanneer fetching $1,800.


The car may resemble an early 1970-'72 Chevrolet Monte Carlo (shaped more like the Buccaneer in GTA SA more than the actual car but it has a hood ornament like a 1971 Monte Carlo), The front end looks closer to a 1974 Chevrolet Caprice (but the bumper doesn't match). The Bucanneer is a fairly heavy car, needing a V8 to lug around its portly weight, however its cornering isn't too bad if you take it easy with the speed.

This vehicle's name is spelled two different ways in the game. When you enter the vehicle, the name "Bucanneer" pops up, but if you angle the camera so you can see the rear of the car up close, you can see the name "Buccaneer" printed on the car. Also, when you are collecting cars for Stevie, the vehicle name in his text message is once again spelled "Buccaneer".