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{{Infobox vehicles
#REDIRECT [[Bullet]]
| name = Bullet GT
| front_image = BulletGT-TBOGT-front.jpg
| image_size = 300
| caption = A Bullet GT in [[The Ballad of Gay Tony]]
| rear_image = BulletGT-TBOGT-rear.jpg
| vehicle_type = Civilian car
| body_style = 2-door supercar
| capacity = 2 (driver and passenger)
| manufacturer = [[Vapid]]
| game_1 = BOGT
The [[Vapid]] '''Bullet GT''' is a supercar featured in [[The Ballad of Gay Tony]].
== Description ==
=== Design ===
Closely related to the [[Bullet]], a similarly designed sports car from [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]], the Bullet GT shares similar design cues with the [[wp:Ford GT|Ford GT]] like the waterfall hood scoop and body shape. The louvers over the rear windscreen are more similar to those featured on the [[wp:Lamborghini Miura|Lamborghini Miura]], while the plush interior, which features sport bucket seats finished in tan leather, is derived from the [[Grotti]] [[Turismo]].
Much like various newly designed cars in TBOGT, the car lacks external badging indicating its manufacturer; however, police chatter refers to the car as a "[[Vapid]] Bullet GT" in the same vein as the Ford GT.
=== Performance ===
The Bullet GT has a top speed of at least 165 km/h (103 mph), and is arguably the fastest car in TBOGT, butting heads with the [[Comet]], [[Turismo]], [[Police Stinger]] and [[Coquette]]. The Bullet GT has a neutral handling set up and is extremely balanced. The Bullet GT is also fairly durable compared with other super cars, especially the fragile Comet.
Unlike the real Ford GT, which has a relatively low-revving (compared to European cars) supercharged 5.4L V-8, the Bullet GT's engine is naturally-aspirated and high-revving. In contrary to all these high quality aspects, the revving can sometimes cause the car to loose control when turning or beginning to drive which usually can become a disadvantage in events such as [[racing]]. To prevent this, the car is normally driven with caution in mind.
== Trivia ==
* In "[[No. 3]]", one of the goals is to get to 140 mph (225 km/h) with this car. However, that speed can only be reached if the nitro is used, allowing the car to reach a maximum speed of 250 km/h. This is the only instance in the game when the car can achieve this speed.
* When Luis calls Henrique requesting this car, Luis will only refer to it as the "Bullet" instead of "Bullet GT".
* The Bullet GT plays either [[Electro-Choc]] or [[Radio Broker]] by default when entered.
== Locations ==
;As a traffic spawn
* Commonly spawns in [[Algonquin]], especially the southern half of the island.
* Fairly common in [[Alderney]].
* More common in multiplayer around these locations than in single player.
;In missions and side-missions
{{double image|right|BulletGT-TBOGT-No.3-front.jpg|250|BulletGT-TBOGT-triathlon-front.jpg|250|The white and red Bullet GT featured in "[[No. 3]]".|The green Bullet GT featured in [[Triathlons]].|}}
* A unique white and red Bullet GT is featured in the mission "[[No. 3]]". To keep it, abandon [[Mori Kibbutz|Mori]] and [[Brucie Kibbutz|Brucie]].
* Used during [[Triathlons]]. The player can obtain a unique green and black Bullet GT in this event.
* Used in the [[Drug Wars]] as a vehicle packed with drugs. Many of these have special paintjobs not seen anywhere else.
;Other methods
* [[Henrique Bardas]] can acquire one for the player after "[[No. 3]]".
* Can be spawned using a cheat code, by dialing "227-555-9666" on the [[phone]].
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